Monday, July 09, 2007

What's up with the posting every day?

Don't ask me. But suddenly I find myself having much I want to show and tell with you all.

Yesterday it was a tell, today a show.

I have been reviewed! It's very cool, very odd, and very flattering. So check it out here at SmartGirl!

I am also up on the Scholastic UK site as "Coming in August" which is also very cool!

And now to write a sequel!


Crabby McSlacker said...

A very nice review, you must be pleased!

And beware the daily posting thing, it can get a bit addictive. (I seem to end up posting even when it's just to tell everyone that I'm not posting, which I suspect is the sign of some sort of mental disorder.) Though from our end, it's always nice to get to read more of you!

elysabeth said...

Very nice indeed. Always great to have a good review going in to publication - E :)

Doug A Scott said...

Pfft. I wish I could come up with something to blog each day.

Nice review of AATIJ. Makes me look forward to reading it all the more. I mean, train in a time loop? I'm in! :-)

thenovicewriter said...

Curious question: You've said you live in Canada, but your book is being published first in UK and then in USA and then Canada. How did that happen?

Dawn said...

"Dry humour" is good, "whispering secrets" is good, and being mentioned in the same breath as Harry Potter is extra good. Go Adrienne!

Adrienne said...

crabby - Aw you're sweet! I used to do daily blogging, but it just drove me nuts, and I really wanted to blog about stuff, and not just fluff. But this week I have tons of stuff to share!

elysabeth - it's a lovely review really, and I am incredibly pleased!

doug - dude train in the time loop bit, now that was a challenging bit of writing to . . .write.

novice - ah yes, I am very complex. I was in the UK when I sold the book and got my agent (I have some posts describing the process in detail in the archives if you are interested), and so I sold to Scholastic UK in May last year, which also covered the commonwealth, and they said the summer/early fall of this year would be their publication date. The Americans were sold to this past fall, and they said they were going to put the book out in October 2007. Scholastic Canada wanted to release the book around the same time as the americans (despite actually being affiliated with the brits) just so North America was the same. But then the Americans decided to put the book out in September instead. So that's how you get the UK Aug 6th, USA Sept 18, Canada Oct 1. Ta- da!

dawn - yes it's a really nice review! Great quotable bits for sure! Love great quotable bits!