Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Steampunk Tuesday - Videos

Apologies for my lack of posting Friday and Monday, I'm approaching the finish line of my edits and they are rather taking over my life.  This does tend to happen.  So this week my posts will be short and sweet.  But I still hope of interest to you all!

Today I am posting a couple of videos that I think are perfect for a Steampunk Tuesday.  All Steampunk, and all rather informative.

The first is a trailer for a new show called VINTAGE TOMORROWS.  While, yes, it's nice to advertise it because it looks like it'll be an awesome show, it is also a wonderful short taste of what the heck Steampunk us.

The next is video footage from London 1903, which is just so fascinating to watch.  There is so little actual footage from that time, and when you think of it, our visual experience of that period tends to be recreations in period films.  This ain't no recreation baby:

The last is the video I made (with much much help from the fantastic Nadine Bell) on the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition that happened back this spring.  Many of you have likely already seen it as I posted it back when the CNSE happened, but again, I think it's a nice summary of all the fun that can be had with Steampunk:

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