Friday, July 21, 2006

Oh. Canada.

Hey all, sorry sorry again for my poor posting techniques. I have an excuse! A pretty good one! I've left London, England. Sigh. Yes the Home Office realised what a threat I was to civilisation as we know it, so they sent me back to the great white (though it is bloody hot here at the moment). So I have moved back to Toronto Canada. I have also been in the process of arranging new head shots (new country, new style), getting an agent, and meeting with my trainer (the man-with-killer-quads). And I haven't even begun to look for a job or a place to live (back with the parents, though they are at the cottage most of the summer so I get a three story house to myself.)

So there you go, my imaginary readers. I promise I will start blogging with much more frequency once August rolls round. Until then, big kisses!

[Ooh ooh! I'm going to NY next weekend to see John Irving, Stephen King and JK Rowling read for charity August 1st! Gold star to anyone who can point out which one I'm most excited about.]