Monday, November 26, 2007


I am almost back in the blogosphere. Not tonight though because I am pooped.

However I just had to share . . . drum roll please . . . .

Timothy and the Dragon's Gate is finished!

Okay, finished is a relative term. I still have to do edits with my editors and stuff, but as of last night I have emailed off the manuscript to my agent and editors and I am thrilled.


Wasn't sure I had it in me. I've been working on this book for almost a year now. It's been on my mind longer than that. Heck, I even had the stereotypical sleepless nights because of it.

And it's finished.

Sort of.


And I am pooped.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rehearsal Pics

I'm so sorry I'm not posting these days. The deadline for Timothy draws near and rehearsals for Macbeth have gone into overtime (I play Third Witch and Gentlewoman) as we open on Wednesday. But I thought I would post some pics I took at Thursday's rehearsal, 'cause, I dunno, I think they're cool and interesting. Since I took them, none are of me (except for the last one where I am queen of the streetcar. It was weird, four of us caught the streetcar home that night, and no one was on it, and no one boarded it later on. It was our streetcar. So of course we took pictures).


Several of the cast preparing for fight call.

Lucy our fabulously glamorous stage manager.

John (our Macbeth) standing under a viking poster. Total accident, but awesome photo op.

Some of the lads prepare for battle!

Watching other people fight.

Chris also watching other people fight.

Casey preparing to be a witch.

Lesley (our Lady Macbeth - and writing buddy whom I've mentioned often here and have posted pictures of from our adventures in New York) reads a letter from her hubby [that would be Macbeth].

Lady Macbeth welcomes Duncan the King to her home. She's going to have him killed a few scenes later. Naughty.

Actors resting and waiting for their scenes.

Macbeth unsure he wants to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth assuring him he does.

Empty streetcar photos. John, Peter and Lesley - posing for an album cover.

Me as queen of the streetcar with my flunkies - John and Peter.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another brief visit with some news

Not that anyone has asked, but I have imagined that some people may wonder why I keep the Temp part of "The Temp, The Actress and The Writer". I haven't temped in over a year. Seems silly. Well. One reason is because temping was a part of my life and had a lot to do with both my acting and writing careers, so it doesn't feel quite right doing away with it.

Also it is really tough finding a good title. And "The Temp, The Actress and The Writer" is a good title.

And on that note. . . . and brilliant segue . . . . I would like to announce that I have a title for my next book (or at least the American title, it may yet change in the UK) . . . ready for it . . .

Timothy and the Dragon's Gate.

I like it very much.


Next bit of news. I will be speaking at the monthly breakfast held by The Writer's Circle of Durham Region this Saturday. Here is all the info if anyone is interested.

Lastly can I say that I really miss you guys? - and I have much to share (Hallowe'en stories, pictures and of course the tale of the Texas Book Festival). But I simply have to focus on the writing right now. I hope to be with you all very very soon though!

Big sloppy kisses!