Monday, November 26, 2007


I am almost back in the blogosphere. Not tonight though because I am pooped.

However I just had to share . . . drum roll please . . . .

Timothy and the Dragon's Gate is finished!

Okay, finished is a relative term. I still have to do edits with my editors and stuff, but as of last night I have emailed off the manuscript to my agent and editors and I am thrilled.


Wasn't sure I had it in me. I've been working on this book for almost a year now. It's been on my mind longer than that. Heck, I even had the stereotypical sleepless nights because of it.

And it's finished.

Sort of.


And I am pooped.


J M McDermott said...

I never doubted you for a minute.

The cats did, though. The cats were getting worried they wouldn't get to read the next installment.

Mary said...

Wow. Congratulations!!!

You deserve a day off and a good night’s sleep.

Glad the play’s going well. Here’s another lucky wish* for the final week!

Catherine J Gardner / Phoenix Rendell said...

Congrats Adrienne :)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! That's smashing news!!


Doug A Scott said...

Oh, man, and I haven't even *started* AATIG yet! I've given up on them getting around to cataloguing copies at work and I've just gone ahead and ordered the darn thing from Amazon.

Jen (niennac) said...

Congrats on finishing it! Hoorah! That's wonderful news. Throw yourself a party now.

ORION said...

I am SOOOOO jealous... am still working on my shitty first draft and procrastinating!

LindaBudz said...

Congrats! Sleep well.

Heidi the Hick said...

Whoooooo yeah!

Adrienne said...

JMM - well you tell those cats of yours never fear! Timothy's here!

Mary - Thanks for the congrats and the well wishes on the show. Just two more days left, sigh.

Catherine - thanks so much!

Other JMM - It is indeed smashing news isn't it?

doug - tsk tsk . . . you'd better get started then! (but thanks so much for getting a copy! Do let me know what you think!)

jen - thanks! I did throw myself a nice little party actually.

orion - BUT when you do finish . . .well watch out world Pat's got another bestseller on her hands! I just know it will be fabulous (and thanks for helping me stay somewhat sane throughout all this!)

linda - sleep has been better, definitely!

heidi - whoooooo indeed.

Travis Erwin said...

Congrats on finishing and welcome back to the blogosphere.

Manelle said...

I just finished Alex and the Ironic Gentlmen, it was great fun. I've got all my siblings lined up to read it too. I look forward to the next one.

storynattie said...

Congratulations! That's awesome!

djpaterson said...

Great news, Adrienne.

Can't wait to see it in print.