Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rehearsal Pics

I'm so sorry I'm not posting these days. The deadline for Timothy draws near and rehearsals for Macbeth have gone into overtime (I play Third Witch and Gentlewoman) as we open on Wednesday. But I thought I would post some pics I took at Thursday's rehearsal, 'cause, I dunno, I think they're cool and interesting. Since I took them, none are of me (except for the last one where I am queen of the streetcar. It was weird, four of us caught the streetcar home that night, and no one was on it, and no one boarded it later on. It was our streetcar. So of course we took pictures).


Several of the cast preparing for fight call.

Lucy our fabulously glamorous stage manager.

John (our Macbeth) standing under a viking poster. Total accident, but awesome photo op.

Some of the lads prepare for battle!

Watching other people fight.

Chris also watching other people fight.

Casey preparing to be a witch.

Lesley (our Lady Macbeth - and writing buddy whom I've mentioned often here and have posted pictures of from our adventures in New York) reads a letter from her hubby [that would be Macbeth].

Lady Macbeth welcomes Duncan the King to her home. She's going to have him killed a few scenes later. Naughty.

Actors resting and waiting for their scenes.

Macbeth unsure he wants to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth assuring him he does.

Empty streetcar photos. John, Peter and Lesley - posing for an album cover.

Me as queen of the streetcar with my flunkies - John and Peter.


Erin said...

Oooh...very fun!!

Doug A Scott said...

Ooooh, Tempest Theatre pics! Sweet!

Mary said...

Ah… the Scottish play.

Good luck for Wednesday!

Madeleine said...

Ahh, being an actress looks like so much fun!

I think you should publish under "Queen of the Streetcar."

Think how it would look:

#1 NYT Bestseller, TIMOTHY AND THE DRAGON'S GATE, by Queen of the Streetcar

It sounds vair myserious and cool.


Heidi the Hick said...

rock star!!!!!!!!!

Northern Creative said...

break a leg!

Chumplet said...

I like the movement blur in the last streetcar shot.

I take it Opening Night went well. Good thing you beat the bad weather on Thursday.

So you hang out in Meaford? My best friend's in-laws have a farm there.

I bought your book today, and I'm reading it before I send it to my niece in Buffalo.

Good luck with your deadline!

J M McDermott said...

I can hear your readers now, plotting your return to your blog...

Heidi the Hick - Music, awake her: strike.
'Tis time; descend; be stone no more; approach;
Strike all that look upon with marvel. Come;
I'll fill your comments up. Stir; nay, come away.
Bequeath to death your numbness, for from him
Dear updates redeem you. You perceive she stirs.
Start not; her actions shall be holy as
You hear my spell is lawful.

Doug A Scott - O, she's warm!
If this be magic, let it be an art
Lawful as eating.

Also, I understand some Bears are wandering about, chasing you away from your regular updates. I do hope you cause them to Exeunt.

Brandon said...

I've finally figured out a way to write this without sounding like a complete stalker:

You were pretty awesome at Macbeth today.

No, see... it still sounds weird.

Adrienne said...

I should probably start replying again to comments now that I am back in the 'sphere . . .

Erin - I knew you'd like them!

doug - knew you'd like them too!

mary - thanks for the luck! It must have worked, it went very well. One more week left!

madeleine - being an employed actress is one of the best feelings in the world! And yes, I think that is going to be my new pen name. Maybe when I start writing more risque work!

heidi - Yes. Yes I am.

northern - thanks so much!

chumplet - it went very well (and is still going very well) thank you! And yes, I am in Meaford tons, it is such a great town! Let me know what you think of zee book!

jmm - any and all Winter's Tale references are much appreciated (especially considering the current season), thank you.

Brandon - Dude I so don't care if you sound stalkerish, I am very flattered! Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the show (it is so much fun to do)!