Saturday, June 24, 2006

Beware! (echo echo echo)

People google you (yes you specifically)!

They do.

People find you. Not the randoms out there who you are expecting to find you and read your blog, surf your site, and make you famous, but the other people. Prospective employers. Prospective lovers. And even worse, current employers and current lovers.

So just use common sense. And if not common sense, then for god's sake a pseudonym!

And spell check.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Following on from last time . . .

First off apologies, oh my imaginary audience, for leaving you alone for so long. How long the hours must have been, the worry, the fear. What could have happened to our dear old temp? Our dear old actress?

To be honest a heck of a lot actually.

About which I will not update you, at least not yet.

What I will share with you is a secret that you may or may not have realised about me. I am addicted to the internet. But more than simply that, I am addicted to finding new addictions on the internet. As with the people I will never know (see last post with very charming poem), I am obsessed with discovering new exciting websites that I never before knew existed. Especially ones that change with some regularity - obviously the most common is the blog. However, just recently I stumbled onto the artist Tony DiTerlizzi's website ( And well, I LURVE IT!!!

First of all let me just say I lurve his work. There is an old-fashioned, yet not, feel about them (this is my expert opinion of course). I especially love when you click on a picture that you get to sometimes see the sketch behind it, sketches at times being in my opinion often beautifuller than the finished product (on this tangent let me say that the cartoon in the National Gallery in London by Leonardo Da Vinci is one of my absolute favourite pieces). Next I lurve the inspirations that Tony (we are on a first name basis, in my imagination) was . . . inspired. . .by, namely Jim Henson and Edward Gorey. But lastly, dude, I just love the website, and I don't know who his website guy is but this website guy is like a total genius.

So check it out. Because, you see, Tony DiTerlizzi? He's really good. And he seems like a nice guy (he has little video footage of himself on each page doing something silly). Okay so he's pretty famous, but don't hold that against him. Good is good is good.

Is good.