Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Steampunk Tuesday!

 Welcome to the very first of my new exciting weekly feature:

STEAMPUNK TUESDAYS!  *echo, echo, echo* - as my OAC Calculus teacher would say, no seriously, he did.  Only it would be with stuff like, "Today we are starting TRIGONOMETRY! Echo, echo, echo!"

(for those of you going, "Wait? What? What's Steampunk?" - click here)

Since it's my first of these things, I thought I'd share with you my thrilling personal relationship with Steampunk.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I thought I'd share with you all some of my attempts to Steampunk out my new apartment.  Now it doesn't look anything like this apartment,  but, it's got it's own special Steampunk flavour to it I think.

So enjoy!

The corner of my living room.  The trunk is my coffee table, upon which rests a couple seasons of DEADWOOD which I'm working my way through right now.  The red walls are me pretending the space is a two story Victorian library.  And now let's check out the mantelpiece.

Here's the mantelpiece.  We have, as all mantelpieces have, a pirate nutcracker, we also have some useful jars to put things in that came from my grandparents.  An Underwood typewriter.  And some prints on the wall that I purchased from CollageOrama on etsy.  Last but not least we have a Clobe.  Which is a clock with a globe like exterior.  Obviously.  This J.M. Frey pointed out to me on a shopping spree at Value Village.  Let's have a closer look at the Clobe shall we . . .


Now we move onto my office:

This is a poster of several Steampunk character archetypes hanging on my back wall.  It was a present to me from the Difference Engineers, a trio of lovely ladies who curated a Steampunk museum exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre for which I was interviewed.  When I went to the opening of the exhibit, I saw this poster and couldn't stop gushing about it.  So when the exhibit was taken down, they most generously gave the poster to me.  I adore it.  Aside from the quality artwork, it's also printed on vinyl.  Here's a closeup . . . 


Last but not least I present to you the one object I have that is actually from the period that Steampunk is associated with.  This is a theatre chair from the Meaford Opera House, the theatre at my cottage.  It was built turn of the century and this is one of the original chairs.  They renovated several years ago, and to raise funds patrons could purchase parts of the theatre that were being replaced.  My parents bought this one.  So technically they are loaning it to me.  These chairs are gorgeous, but horribly uncomfortable, so it's a good thing they were replaced and that I can now use one as decoration.  See the wire on the underside?  That is for where gentlemen would store their top hats.  No lie.

So there you go!  My apartment so far.  I still have some more plans for more Steampunk goodness, and when I actualise them I will for sure keep you posted.

And now, as promised from yesterday, here is also something else that involves me, but also a bunch of my Steampunk friends.  I was at FanExpo, manning the Steampunk table, and SPACE (the Canadian version of SYFY) came over and interviewed us for InnerSPACE.

If you aren't that familiar with the general Steampunk aesthetic, this is a lovely brief encounter for you, where you get to see some killer costumes and props.

So, here's that segment, and here I am!

And there you have it!  Our first ever Steampunk Tuesday!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Do share your thoughts below.


~k~ said...

Wow Adrienne, I love your home decor! I would particularly love a closer examination of those costume suggestions on the vinyl; they look interesting. =)


Adrienne said...

Thank you so much! And sure, next week I'll share closeups of them, and explain a bit more where they came from and who the artist is etc.