Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Riot A.C.T

I am not just a writer.  Hence the title of my blog.  I also have that other acting side to me, and as such I have had the great pleasure of meeting some extremely talented people in the theatre/film community.

Todd Campbell and Kevin Robinson
One such group is Riot A.C.T, a stunt team here in Toronto.  I am good friends with several of the members, and, even more importantly, totally respect the heck out of their talent. They are imaginative, clever and fearless.  If you ever need a stunt crew, may I recommend them.  If you ever just want to go and hang out with some awesome people, I also recommend them.

Simon Fon

Here's the little blurb they use to describe themselves:

We are an “Action Creation Team” who take professional work from conception to creation and finally completion.  Our areas of expertise range from stunts, blade work to unarmed styles, firearms, aerial flying, film making/editing, equipment rentals, advisement and assessment.

Whether it be independent, or professional film. Live show or motion capture. The team is structured so that it is at the helm of it’s own projects, while simultaneously working with sources outside of the group to create what a client needs for their particular project.

When you need your story told through action let RIOT A.C.T. bring your images to life.

Casey Hudecki and Simon Fon

Here is a quick example of what they do.  This is my good friend Casey Hudecki kicking butt (if you want to see more of Riot A.C.T.'s work, check out their YouTube channel):

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