Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Steampunk Tuesday - Social Gatherings

Kenneth Shelley, Ashley Kung, J.M. Frey, Me

A short one for today, but no less fabulous.  I realise that the internet is international, but I thought I should share some links for my fellow Canadians who were beginning to get interested in Steampunk.

When I was manning the Steampunk table at FanExpo a lot of people were curious exactly how one met other Steampunk people.  What one did with the Steampunk.  Granted yes, people make Steampunk things and sell Steampunk things, but there are also social gatherings of Steampunkers that happen on a regular basis.  Again, I can only speak to some of the Canadian ones, but if anyone has knowledge of any others in other parts of the world please do share in the comments section below.

Steampunk Canada
Probably the most comprehensive listing for Steampunk activities across Canada.

Toronto Steampunk Society
Specifically for those Steampunkers in Toronto, there are many scheduled events in the city - walks, photoshoots, pub gatherings - and this page is actively updated every day. 

Steampunk Ottawa
Similar to the TSS.  Only if you, you know, live in Ottawa.

And don't forget about MeetUp.com, where you can search for any events happening in your region, and can totally use the keyword "Steampunk".

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