Friday, February 27, 2009

Confidence Part Deux

You'll probably find this blog entry already all over the interweb, and even though I am not a bandwagon kind of girl, sometimes the music its playing is just up my alley. This time it's 1940's swing music, which is just my favourite, so I couldn't help but jump on board as it passed.

Thus ends my extended metaphor.

Anyway . . .

The always "tell it like it is" J A Konrath has a great post about the difference between confident writers and delusional writers. I would like to add that all his examples tie in nicely with my personal slight obsession with "thoughtfulness" (see blog entry on said topic here). It's a really nice straightforward post and pretty darn apt.


I really like saying the word apt, and making sure the "T" sound is clear.


I am pleased as punch to announce that Timothy and the Dragon's Gate has finally been reviewed by Publishers Weekly (it's been a crazy time for everyone, including PW), and I have to say, it was well worth the wait. They seem to whole heartily approve of the book's existence, and call it both "action packed" and "a spirited follow-up". To read the full thing check it out here, but be warned there is a bit of a spoiler in it.

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