Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Launch this Sunday!

Timothy and the Dragon's Gate Book Launch
Sunday February 22
2 pm
Indigo Bookstore, Yorkdale Mall, Toronto
Reading and Signing

Yes it's that time again! As you all know, Timothy and the Dragon's Gate came out in January and now I am celebrating its existence officially with a launch party! This means a heck of a lot to me, and I really do hope people will come. It's mid-day this Sunday, only a couple hours, free snacks, a reading and signing by yours truly, what could be better?!

Also, FYI, the event is totally kid friendly, in fact the whole reason I'm doing it on the weekend in the afternoon is so that they can attend, so please do bring along any kids you might happen to know!

I do hope you all can come! Truly.

BTW, I should remind people arriving by car to give yourselves PLENTY OF TIME... or take the subway... as it is YORKDALE ON A SUNDAY!

"Kress employs a deceptively casual tone, an ease that belies the complexity of her prose style. . . Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate
is an old-fashioned tale, being told by a gifted storyteller. . ."
Quill and Quire, starred review


With a father who can’t control him and a mother who is always out of town, Timothy Freshwater has finally been expelled from the last school in the city. As if that were not enough, events conspire to ensnare him in an ancient quest.When he meets Mr. Shen, a mysterious Chinese gentleman who is a mailroom clerk at his father’s office, Timothy finds himself deeply entrenched in a rescue operation centuries in the making.

It turns out that the diminutive, elegant Mr. Shen is a dragon, banished and forced to take human shape for a thousand years until he can resume his true form by scaling the Dragon’s Gate during a festival for the 125th year of the dragon. Until that time, he is sentenced to enslavement by the holder of the golden key. It is, of course, Timothy who finds himself the latest keeper of Mr. Shen. The boy too smart for his own good is reluctant to assume the task, but tackles the challenge, after being stalked by a stealthy ninja and chased by a menacing trio of black taxicabs. When Mr. OR_8">Shen falls into the wrong hands, Timothy is flailing in treacherous waters, literally. And then a strange-looking black brig with red sails, called, for some reason, the Ironic Gentleman appears on the horizon.

Relying on his own ingenuity and an annoying new ally, a girl called Alex, Timothy must face up to his responsibilities and rescue the dragon from a fleet of Chinese pirate junks. Above all, he must have enough faith in himself to take on that fleet’s commander, the Man in the Beige Linen Suit.

" . . . the tale’s snarky dialogue, sudden twists, authorial asides and daffy characters will keep readers turning the pages." - Kirkus

"An exciting read that's action-packed from cover to cover." - KH, The Magazine

"Kress has the knack of writing child characters who could be my next-door neighbors . . . Like 'Alex and the Ironic Gentleman', 'Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate' charmed me into staying up way too late to finish it. No syrup here. Instead, there’s adventure, derring-do, attitude, and danger. All wrapped up in a clever and fascinating take on the reluctant hero, courage, loyalty, and—of course—dragons." - Alice Loweecey,


Welshcake said... long would it take me to get there from London? What tube line's it on?

Hope it goes fabulously!

Adrienne said...

lol - well by plane . . .

Thanks hon, you are very sweet! Of course I will blog all about it next week!