Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Timothy's Starred Review in Quill & Quire

Um . . . well the title basically says it all. I am sooooooo happy with this review, it's eminently quotable, and for a little ego boosting I have to confess the sentence "Kress employs a deceptively casual tone, an ease that belies the complexity of her prose style" is just so many different levels of awesome.

Here's an excerpt. To read the full thing please check it out at Quill & Quire here! Special thanks to reviewer Robert J. Wiersema (a fine author in his own right). Seriously. Thank you.

" . . . That’s the set-up for Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate, the enthralling and impressive new novel from Toronto writer, actor, and teacher Adrienne Kress. Set in the same whimsical (and often surprisingly violent) universe as her debut, Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, Kress has crafted an engrossing tale laced subtly with its own set of valuable lessons – ones she is careful never to oversell. Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate might be about growth and selflessness and generosity, but kids don’t want to read that stuff: they want stories about pirates, ninjas, epic battles, sewer chases, and dragons, which Kress delivers in spades. . . "


Devin said...

Fantastic news!! I have my fingers crossed for your great success!!

Patti said...


Joanna said...

YOU are so many levels of awesomeness, I'm not surprised!

So great... congrats!

djpaterson said...

Well deserved, Adrienne. I suspect it's the first of many.


Adrienne said...

Thank you all so much. This was such a big deal for me, made me a little teary I don't mind saying!