Friday, September 25, 2009

Time Off

Yes I have vanished off the blogosphere (though I have been twittering more of late, if people are interested you can always follow me here). Not for good, definitely not for good. But for a little while.

I invest a lot of time and thought in my blog posts, I really don't want them to just be either a catalogue of my accomplishments, nor little anecdotal updates on my day to day life. I don't mind interspersing such elements on occasion, but my goal with this blog was always to open a door into worlds that others might not know much about. I wanted to be a bit like the behind the scenes featurettes on a DVD. Because I happen to like that stuff myself. And if I can educate along the way, well, that's even cooler.

And right now I just have a lot going on on my plate. Some good, some frustrating, all time consuming. And I just can't devote the hours that I used to in creating my blog posts.

However. My hope is that in a month or so, things might be a bit more sane for me and I can start up again. My hope too is that all that I am going through now will also serve as excellent fodder and lessons for my blogging to come.

Oh and I am planning, when I venture forth on my TD Canadian Children's Book Week tour (November 14 - 21), to blog about the adventure as it happens - I'm getting to go to Vancouver Island and I am SO excited!

So you see, this is not the end. But a longer hiatus than usual. Thank you for your patience and support, it means a lot to me.

Also keep your fingers crossed for me for the next little while, I need all the luck I can get!


FYI - I will be doing a reading this Sunday at Word on the Street here in Toronto for any and all who are interested:

The Word on the Street
Queen's Park, Toronto
Sunday September 27, 2:30pm
Children's Reading Tent (Event Tent D)
Reading - Timothy and the Dragon's Gate

Thursday, September 03, 2009

When It's All Over and Done

It's a very common feeling. We get it after returning from a vacation. We get it after finishing a piece of writing. And you'd better believe we get it after a show comes down.

That kind of "eh" feeling. That "what now" feeling.

And kids, I've got it.

It doesn't help too that I've been away from the city for a month. Returning home after being away is a surreal experience. I used to feel it most acutely when I was living in England and I'd come back home to Toronto every six months or so for a visit. You feel like you've never been away. And yet you feel like everything is different. You see things with slightly different eyes, and yet so easily fall back into the same old routine.

I knew this week would be tough. I'd arranged plans with so many friends so that I would remember the awesome part of being back (you know, the whole seeing everyone again). Heck I got to go for drinks with Bruce Campbell after Fan Expo on Saturday. That's pretty cool.

But I still feel . . . "eh". I still feel "what now". I feel the old patterns starting up, the ones I was so happy to leave behind at the end of July.

Anyway. I'm not trying to vent, or asking for sympathy. Merely trying to, in my own special way, express what I'm going through in the hope that some people might relate. And get that we all go through this sometimes.

This too shall pass. And hopefully when it does, I'll be a little wiser, my patterns will be a little different, and I'll be a little happier.

But right now?