Friday, September 25, 2009

Time Off

Yes I have vanished off the blogosphere (though I have been twittering more of late, if people are interested you can always follow me here). Not for good, definitely not for good. But for a little while.

I invest a lot of time and thought in my blog posts, I really don't want them to just be either a catalogue of my accomplishments, nor little anecdotal updates on my day to day life. I don't mind interspersing such elements on occasion, but my goal with this blog was always to open a door into worlds that others might not know much about. I wanted to be a bit like the behind the scenes featurettes on a DVD. Because I happen to like that stuff myself. And if I can educate along the way, well, that's even cooler.

And right now I just have a lot going on on my plate. Some good, some frustrating, all time consuming. And I just can't devote the hours that I used to in creating my blog posts.

However. My hope is that in a month or so, things might be a bit more sane for me and I can start up again. My hope too is that all that I am going through now will also serve as excellent fodder and lessons for my blogging to come.

Oh and I am planning, when I venture forth on my TD Canadian Children's Book Week tour (November 14 - 21), to blog about the adventure as it happens - I'm getting to go to Vancouver Island and I am SO excited!

So you see, this is not the end. But a longer hiatus than usual. Thank you for your patience and support, it means a lot to me.

Also keep your fingers crossed for me for the next little while, I need all the luck I can get!


FYI - I will be doing a reading this Sunday at Word on the Street here in Toronto for any and all who are interested:

The Word on the Street
Queen's Park, Toronto
Sunday September 27, 2:30pm
Children's Reading Tent (Event Tent D)
Reading - Timothy and the Dragon's Gate


Adam said...

Hi Adrienne. I appreciate that your blog expresses a genuine commitment to creativity and education.
Thank you,
Adam Dustus

Loretta said...

I hope your time off is going well. I am so looking forward to your return!
Thank you,