Monday, September 20, 2010

A quick update.

Okay, so I have been remiss in blogging yet again. The fact is I am overwhelmed with work. But I have a little announcement that explains some of why I'm busy! Here we go:

Adrienne will be contributing her writing to two anthologies out next year:

"Corsets and Clockwork" (Running Press Kids, May 10, 2011), a Steampunk YA Romance short story anthology.

. . . and . . .

An essay anthology analysing the bestselling YA Dystopian series The Hunger Games, (Smart Pop, April 2011)

So you see, I am working to meet those two deadlines which are coming up very soon, along with working on my current WIP.

I am also dealing with an insane cat. Who thinks this is him being clever (if you listen closely you can hear him purring):


Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Roundup

So after promising I was back to blogging, I promptly vanished. Life suddenly got very very busy again. And I went to the cottage. Sorry about that guys!

But I have time today to at least give you all your Friday Roundup!

As you guys know I'm pretty interested in women's issues in general, but in particular the publishing world (see previous blog entry "Gender in Publishing"). In my mind there is still a very evident bias against female authors despite women being the primary consumers of books. And even though the publishing industry is roughly 80% female, that 20% male seems to dominate the top positions in the industry. It fascinates me. And evidently not only me. Here are some recent articles on the subject of women and our fiction:

The Atlantic - All the Sad Young Literary Women

Women and Hollywood - If Women Like It, It Must Be Stupid

The Huffington Post - Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Weiner Speak Out On Franzen Feud

And now on a totally different note . . .

Here is a post by Lucienne Diver about how it takes a village to publish a book, and why that makes self publishing even a harder route to take. I like this article especially as it really defines well the roles of different people who work at a publishing house.

Here are two links to some fabulous covers that just get you all excited about writing again: Minimalist Covers and Typographic Covers.

Finally here is an awesome article on how to use Book Trailers effectively. Considering book trailers are still very new, people are still learning the ropes and I find the whole thing interesting to watch develop. Especially as I just happen to be starting a book trailer making company with a couple of friends (this wasn't just on a whim, we are involved in the film industry anyway, and thought this could be something very interesting to get on board with).

Here are two of our trailers, try to spot me in each :) :

WATCH - Robert J. Sawyer

DARKLIGHT - Lesley Livingston

Lastly, today is Atticus's 5 month birthday, so happy birthday little dude!