Monday, September 20, 2010

A quick update.

Okay, so I have been remiss in blogging yet again. The fact is I am overwhelmed with work. But I have a little announcement that explains some of why I'm busy! Here we go:

Adrienne will be contributing her writing to two anthologies out next year:

"Corsets and Clockwork" (Running Press Kids, May 10, 2011), a Steampunk YA Romance short story anthology.

. . . and . . .

An essay anthology analysing the bestselling YA Dystopian series The Hunger Games, (Smart Pop, April 2011)

So you see, I am working to meet those two deadlines which are coming up very soon, along with working on my current WIP.

I am also dealing with an insane cat. Who thinks this is him being clever (if you listen closely you can hear him purring):



JM Frey said...

Congrats, Adrienne! Brava!

Rhiannon said...

rats, video unavailable! Our kitten is also a psycho crazy cat, he's lucky he's so damn cute! he's recently tried eating the bar of soap in our bathroom and yesterday i had to pry a coffee bean out of his mouth that i dropped while prepping my morning joe.

Congrats on the anthologies, can't wait to read them!

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