Friday, October 03, 2008

On how literary agent Jessica Faust reads

Excellent excellent excellent blog post over at BookEnds today. Not only just well written, clear, concise, easy to follow, but a must read for anyone in the process of submitting to agents. Literary agent Jessica Faust talks of how she reads different things submitted to her, from the lowly query letter all the way to a requested full manuscript. There is a different quality to reading each of these different forms, and truly, well it is very enlightening.

So what are you waiting for? Go go, check it out now!


djpaterson said...

With my first ever (too much emphasis? No, I don't think so - this is pretty important to me) query letter to write this week (and I'm aiming straight for Darley Anderson Children's) I'd better head straight over.

Thanks for the link, Adrienne.


Drazen said...

Hello Adrienne,
I enjoyed stretching my legs out and eating duck at the same table last night. I regret I didn't scoop up a copy of your book and get it signed
as I have yet to read it but I will.

Sue Eves said...

Thanks Adrienne,
Lucky I placed the synopsis at the back of the MS I submitted today!

Thanks for sharing.

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