Monday, February 16, 2009

My Photoshoot - part deux!

While I know I like to go into every small detail of every new experience I experience here on this blog, sometimes nothing can truly replace pictures. In this case, moving pictures.

I mentioned in the previous photoshoot post that there was a film crew on set of the Toro photoshoot I did last month, and now the behind the scenes video is up on the site. I quite like it (though I think I look goofy as always), and the photographer Franco says some lovely things about me - then again, I'm not sure what else he could have said . . ."This was the worst photoshoot I've ever done, Adrienne is a total diva, unmanageable, and can't take a decent picture to save her life" ? I don't think so. But that would have made for a very unique video. . .

At any rate, check it out here!

Also I should point out that "the guy" who interviewed me for the article (which has been garnering just as much praise as the photos btw) did get a little grief from his staff after I referred to him as "the guy" in my blog entry. Considering "the guy" was William Morassutti, the co-founder and Executive Producer of Toro, it does seem a bit absurd to refer to him as such. Besides, he's friends with actor Enrico Colantoni who I just adore (you know how in the interview I mention my favourite quote from Galaxy Quest? Enrico plays the lead alien dude, Malthesar), so that makes him extra cool! So people at Toro, stop teasing the guy, I mean, William!


Sue Eves said...

Gorgeous photos - ooo - much more than your average author or networking profile pics. Toro! Toro!

Adrienne said...

Thanks Sue! And may I say that your current profile pic is pretty darn adorable!