Thursday, November 17, 2011


So the HUNGER GAMES trailer came out this week and I figured why not share it here!  After all, I'm a huge fan (lest we forget, I contributed an essay to THE GIRL WHO WAS ON FIRE: YOUR FAVORITE AUTHORS ON SUZANNE COLLINS' HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY) and am beyond excited to see this movie.

Thus on the off-chance you haven't seen it yet. . . check it out below.  Also, what are your thoughts?  Does it live up to expectations?  I must admit to getting butterflies watching them enter the arena, and am very pleased with both Lenny Kravitz and a blue haired Stanley Tucci :) .


Anonymous said...

It's going to either suck, or be totally amazing. Based on the trailer, I'm betting on the latter. I really expected Jennifer Lawrence to be a HORRIBLE Katniss, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

Paige said...

Well, I got goose bumps. It comes out the day after my birthday but I'll still be in Thailand. I will have to try and see if I can find anywhere here to watch it.
I agree with Anonymous, though. It will either be really good or really bad. I'm hoping for good.

Netherland said...

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