Saturday, June 24, 2006

Beware! (echo echo echo)

People google you (yes you specifically)!

They do.

People find you. Not the randoms out there who you are expecting to find you and read your blog, surf your site, and make you famous, but the other people. Prospective employers. Prospective lovers. And even worse, current employers and current lovers.

So just use common sense. And if not common sense, then for god's sake a pseudonym!

And spell check.


Joanna the Banana Peel said...

I do not exist on the internet. I am a phantom. I am also some dead broad in an on-line family tree.

Anonymous said...

i for one have defintely learnt my lesson in this department.
xo, lis

Northern Creative said...


adrienne said...

Oh nothing bad! I was just surprised that people did, especially prospective employers!

Kiwi's Girl said...

Not only do prospective lovers and employers Google you, but ALL of what you do on the internet is trackable and stored somewhere. It's good to be careful what you post places and where you put information about you because it can all be found!

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