Friday, July 13, 2007

Just a little note inspired by thenovicewriter . . .

Hey all!


Some of you may have read in the comments section that thenovicewriter (who I just this second noticed, as I was preparing the link to her blog, has so sweetly mentioned my blog over there on hers - that was a weird and a lovely discovery, talk about kismet - thank you Novice so much!) mentioned attempting to read the first two pages of my book off of the picture I took, actually in fact she succeeded, and then expressed sadness at not being able to turn the page.

Well being the helpful Temp, Actress and Writer that I am, as well as being a notorious show off, I thought I would oblige by posting a link to Scholastic Canada's site where they have put my book as one of their "Sneak a Peek" authors. I should really have mentioned this earlier, as it is quite an honour to me for them to have done this for my book. It's really quite cool.

Anyway, if you are curious in reading the prologue and first chapter of Alex, do check it out here: Sneak a Peek


Doug A Scott said...

That was delightful! I'm looking forward to reading this one out loud to my wife; I believe there will be plenty of opportunities for Silly Voices.

Oh, right, that's another thing. I love it when gratuitously capitalize Big Concepts or Notable Traits. ;-)

Dawn said...

I Sneeked a Peek and I'm Pleased that I Seized the Chance to Dance with Alex and Co!

snarkfodder said...

I did not Sneek. The risk of enjoying the preview and then having to wait in agony for the release date is too great.

I trust you. I'll buy it unpreviewed.

LindaBudz said...

Wow, great stuff! I love the humor, the second person POV comments, the characterization, the hooks ... I WANT MORE!

Perhaps a contest to win an ARC is in order?

Hmm? Hmm?

Adrienne said...

lol, I'm glad you enjoyed it (relieved more like) except of course for you snarkfodder. Yet somehow you make it incredibly flattering that you decided not to read it, and so I thank you too!

(linda - I just finished a contest for an ARC [okay so it wound up being for two, very Ellen of me] . . . still . . . food for thought . . . )

J M McDermott said...

I think it's lovely and look forward to the next page.

LindaBudz said...

Doh! I found your blog too late ... story of my life! Well, if you decide to do another one, I'll be all over it!