Thursday, July 12, 2007

BABY'S FIRST . . . BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! (UK style)


Yes I am pleased/thrilled/agog to say that the other day I was sent the actual, as in actual, as in actual, version of Alex and the Wigpowder Treasure and it's friggin' glorious! And shiny!!

It's this nice little (as in height wise) chunky book, with little sketches at the start of each chapter of the characters within. It is so well put together, so thought out, it's obvious the people who were working on it love my story as much as I do. Thank you Scholastic UK so very much!

I can't tell you how exciting this is. I mean, I guess you can imagine, but it's seriously overwhelming to the point where all I can really do is stare at it in wonder. I think about all the people who put effort into putting my story into print and it just . . . it's just unbelievable to me. I am a published author. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought such a thing possible. I, Adrienne Kress, have a book. How did this happen? And why have I been so lucky? Well I won't question it, but embrace it (literally, having a hard time physically putting the book down), and show it off to anyone who asks, and really anyone who doesn't!

And now - pictures!!:

(from the front - note the shiny!)

(from the back - still note the shiny!)

To put things in perspective - and the only way I would ever presume to compare myself to Harry Potter:


(well I mean physically, the actual content is so deep it's practically unfathomable)

And here is the inside of chapter one - note the great little character sketches at the top, and the little sort of dotted map lines that cross over both pages (and how the page numbers are framed by portholes)?
- so cool!!


I'm really happy.


snarkfodder said...

And we're really happy for you. Gosh, that's awesome. It's a good-looking book! I look forward to my copy.

So what are your plans for the release? Will you be on tour?

Sonya said...

That is one beautiful book you have there! :-)

It's sooo shiny...


David L. McAfee said...




That is GORGEOUS, Adrienne!

The little tag at the bottom, the one that warns about Plots and extreme peril, for some reason made me think of Monthy Python's Search for the Holy Grail. Specifically, the part where the one character is in the castle filled with women, and Lancelot (I think ) comes to rescue him, and ol' Lancy is like "it's far to perilous."

Funny movie.

Crap. I went on a tangent, didn't I? Sorry. I absolutely LOVE the book! It's gorgeous. If I ever get my ARC back from the gal at work who absconded with it I'll be able to give it a review.

Kim said...

Congratulations! It looks great and I can only imagine how excited you are over it!

Good luck!

aka Jersey Chick from AW

Thomas Kingsley Troupe said...

I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it again. That book looks (and I'm sure reads) fabulous!

I'm looking forward to snapping up my copy.

Travis Erwin said...

Very nice and you should be happy. Congrats!

can't wait to read it myself.

Jackie said...


It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!


thenovicewriter said...

Okay, now I am going to be trying to read that fuzzy text from Chapter 1. And the shiny cover is really cool - I like thick, stocky books. They feel cozier to me and I can fit them in my purse. Me likes. Congratulations!

thenovicewriter said...

...and very annoyed that I can't turn the page. Blargh.

(Note: those pages are written in the same voice as you write on your blog - which makes sense -:P that's a cool thing to notice)

Doug A Scott said...

Ooo, shineeeeey...

MelodyO said...

I'm so thrilled for you!

And that thing is so shiny it's like looking at the sun during an eclipse. ::is blinded::

J M McDermott said...

i'm so jealous. we keep having printer foobars and don't even have our ARCS yet!

I hope the American version is just as shiny, because I like things that are shiny.

LindaBudz said...

Had to put my sunglasses on just to look at it! Fantastic!

Adrienne said...

You guys seriously make me lol!

snarkfodder - I'll be going to the UK for a week in September, then to the states and lastly canada. Not sure exactly what the plans or locations are yet. Trust me, though, you'll all hear of it!!

sonya - Thanks! Super Shiny - My new superhero name!

david - love that movie, so I love the comparison!! And dude, get that ARC back!

kim - thank you so much! Yes. I am rather excited.

thomas - thank you so much. And can I just say you have an awesome name!

travis - thank you. I am very happy!

jackie - so lovely to see you here!! And thank you so much!

novice - I can't believe you actually tried to read it! And well, did! And I am just thrilled that it reads in the same voice as the blog, ie, mine. That means a lot to me. Actually if you want to read more of it, you can check out this: Sneak Peek Scholastic Canada

doug - it is!

melody - darn! I lose more good readers that way . . .

jmm - the american one sadly won't be quite as shiny I imagine. Well we can still hope!

linda - but now that you are wearing sunglasses you look extra cool, so it's all good!

Jim Melvin said...

Very impressive, in all regards! Congrats!

ORION said...

Yeah!!!!!!!How incredibly cool and wonderful.
I wonder what it feels like?
I know how it feels!
AND I know how fabulous the book will do as I got to read the ARC and LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!
It is GLORIOUSLY wonderful.

Derek said...

Gorgeous! Congrats. :-)

Dawn said...

The cover looks fantastic. Quite honestly, if I'd come from Planet X and had never heard of Harry Potter, if I saw those two books on the shelf - it would be yours I'd be grabbing!

Big congratulations Adrienne as you and Ted zoom pass another milestone in your epic adventure.

Adrienne said...

jim - thank you muchly!

Orion - of course you know how I feel! I imagine doubly so considering everything that's going on for you! And I am so happy you liked the ARC! That means soooo much to me, as you know.

derek - thank you!

dawn - aw you are as ever so sweet! I think the going past the Harry Potter would more likely have to do with the draw of the shiny personally, it's pretty hard to resist. BTW, saw the movie! It's awesome!

Therese said...

It's marvelous, Adrienne. What a wonderful accomplishment for you--and an absolute jump-from-the-shelves cover and design!

I'm so pleased for you. Congratulations!!

Manic Mom said...

Very cool. I'll have to read more about your books--What's the age range? My kids may enjoy them!

Adrienne said...

therese - thank you so much! Such lovely compliments coming from the author of a book with a pretty darn nice cover herself!

manic mom - lovely to meet you here on my blog! I've seen you post over at Pat's of course! My book is middle grade, which means for 8 - 12 yearolds. It falls into the same category as the early Harry Potters, and A Series of Unfortunate Events (as well as you know Peter Pan, Alice and Wonderland etc etc). And forget the kids, I'm all about grown ups enjoying it too! Middle grade is my personal favourite genre . . .but I guess that's obvious.
(okay don't forget about the kids, that would be wrong . .. )

Chumplet said...

It's so... so.... shiny.

I'm eagerly awaiting my first royalty cheque (no advance for me) so I can purchase your book, Pat's book, John's book, oh my, so many books!

Frightfest - Catherine J Gardner said...

FABULOUS Adrienne - your excitement leaps off the page. I am SOOOO jealous.

The book looks gorgeous.