Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter Party Madness!

Okay does the internet really need another post about Harry Potter? Probably not, but I just had to share with you my amazing time I had with my friend Michael at the party in downtown Toronto. So if you don't want to read, please don't. If you are curious, be assured that there will be no spoilers here (you could probably get the impression from the post before this one that I'd say that), just a happy party story.

So Michael and I decided to go see the movie Hairspray (which was a lot of fun - and does teach us the very important lesson that you can't stop the beat. You really can't. It stays with you. All the time. Running through your head over and over and over again) in the same complex as the party was taking place. So we got our movie tickets at around 6:15pm and wandered into the bookstore to ask what was what. There were going to be two lines, one for the pre-ordered books (me) and one for the people purchasing it that night (Michael) but fortunately since we came so early Michael was given number 199.

My wristband was blue, his was green, and we were told that if they were ripped they wouldn't count (they were just made of paper), so we were very paranoid when, for example, washing our hands, and at first I couldn't put my sweater on because I was scared it would rip the band as I put my arm through the sleeve (we eventually figured out how to do it, it was like a beautiful dance . . .)

Then we went and saw the movie.

Then we came back to the bookstore and it was packed!

They had balloons in a net hanging over everything in preparation to be released at midnight. They had Hogwarts house banners and a DJ, who was saying stuff like, "Come on everyone let's dance! . . . . or . . . you could all just stare at me . . . " because of course the kids were just standing in front of him, mouths slightly agape, staring. Really cute! There was a green screen thing where a kid could be put onto a computer as if he was flying. All pretty neat.

So Michael and I walked through the store and decided to check out outside. They had closed off the street! It was like a fun fair, bouncy castles, sport competition things, street performers (eg: fire eaters and stilt walkers, and tons of magicians), bands played on a stage . . . it was so cool.

And because Michael and I are technically grownups we went to a bar that overlooked the whole thing and had a drink before going back into the store at 11pm to line up where we were separated because he had to buy his book and I didn't.

Midnight came with a New Year's Eve like countdown, and I was right under the balloons when they fell!

And then the lines started to move really quite quickly and then Michael and I both had our books and we ran home fast so no one could yell out the ending or anything (but not before getting our picture taken first)!

It was such a great night, such a positive happy place, and all these cute kids in costume (the really little ones were heartbreakingly adorable) and also adults dressed up (a truly freaky Voldemort). I didn't have time to make a costume but you will note I did wear what I consider my Gryffindor sweater. And I then read the book over the weekend (I was too scared to go on the internet until I finished) and I won't say anything at all about it, except that I highly enjoyed it (and am feeling rather empty and sad now that the whole thing is over).

And that is my story.


Dawn said...

Sound like a really great night out.

" feeling rather empty and sad now that the whole thing is over"

I can understand that, Adrienne. The final Harry Potter is the end of an era and it's quite possible that we'll never see a series that captures us in quite the way that this one did.

Really - the only thing I can suggest is that you find another author of children's books that is going to give pleasure and sell zillions world wide and read them.

I have the name Adrienne Kress mentioned? Do you know her?

Therese said...

Of course you would be in Gryffindor. I feel sort of bad for the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw kids; they don't get enough press.

My copy of HP VII is on the way...and then I shall fill the emptiness with that fabulous Adrienne Kress book that's debuting soon.

I bet her party's gonna be good, too.

ORION said...

Sounds too fun. I went to the bookstore the next day and you could walk right in and buy one off the shelf!
I preordered and have to wait!

snarkfodder said...

And still snarkfodder waits.


snarkfodder said...

You're never going to believe this. I just got an email from amazon informing me of a DELAY in the shipping of the Deathly Hallows. I preordered that thing back in March! I saw on the news boxes upon boxes of these things stacked in a warehouse.

I mean, who the hell do I have to Imperio! to get some service around here?? *sigh*

Now I don't know whether to cancel the order and grab it from Walmart, or see if I can wring some customer satisfaction out of amazon.

Heidi the Hick said...

We had a great party too! They shut down the whole downtown and had fire eaters (as opposed to death eaters who are not as much fun) (well unless you count Helena Bonham Carter) and we took our Pug, who totally cracked everyone up when we announced that his name is DOBBY and we missed out on Butterbeer because it was sold out an hour before we got kids chased the Basilisk down the street...every store had a Hogwarts name...we stayed out til after was awesome.

I feel sad that we don't get to do it one more time.

Adrienne said...

dawn - lol! Well I mean obviously I'm the next JK Rowling. . . I mean . . .come on people!

therese - actually I think I would more likely be Ravenclaw, even by choice. Though I would love to be Gryffindor, I'm not sure if I am brave enough . . .
(and again you are very sweet! And you bet your booty my party's going to be awesome!)

orion - yeah everyone is saying how easy it was to buy it off the shelf, and oddly it is the die hard fans who are now waiting, and the last minute "Ah heck I think I'll buy this" who have the book!

snarkfodder - I am so sorry! Surely Amazon understands the direness of the situation! I can only hope they remedy the problem and fast. Otherwise, I think you should just cave and buy it in person. Give the other one as a gift or something!

heidi - that sounds truly magical! Really. And your dog as Dobby! Awesome!! It's a pity though you missed out on the butterbeer. Always wondered what that tasted like . . .