Sunday, July 08, 2007

Here's kind of a weird thing.

When I turn on the hot water in my kitchen it runs cold until I go into the washroom and turn on the hot water of my bathtub. Once that has run warm I turn it off and the water in the kitchen runs hot. I thought at first maybe it was just by the time I got back to the kitchen the water had heated up. So I played with the timing.

Nope. It's all about the bathtub.

It's kinda a weird thing.


Travis Erwin said...

By day I'm an electrician, not a plummer, but my guees this has to due with water already staged in your pipes. Which is clsoer to the water heater?

Frank Baron said...

I'm not going to try to puzzle it out because I'm simply not ept at that stuff. I tend to accept that things like this happen and were I you, I would be grateful that I figgered out that tub/kitchen connection.

Good on ya kiddo. ;)

Devon Ellington said...

That is weird. Funny, but weird.

You could use it in a story, though!

Adrienne said...

travis - I don't actually know. I assume the water heater is in the basement, and I'm on the second floor of an apartment building. But I do think you are right. I kind of feel like the bathtub has to get the water going first.

frank - I am just going to pretend I live in a sitcom and consider it one of the wacky elements to my downtown apartment. Like the sloping floor in Mad About You.

dawn - it's nice being both an actor and a writer. Every weird situation is fodder for a story. And every weird person, fodder for a role.