Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summerworks update

Just a quick update for those of you who may be interested in that sort of not so secret double life I lead.

Yes while attempting to complete book 2, I am also directing/producing/publicising my show A Weekend in the Country for the Summerworks theatre festival which starts, oh, you know, NEXT WEEK!!

Things are going rather well though I have to say. My actors, as I have already said are quite wonderful. And while rehearsing in my living room may not exactly be ideal, we manage admirably. Last weekend we took the rehearsal to one of the actor's houses for slightly more room and she has this adorable littler terrier named Ira, and Ira sat at my feet and watched rehearsal with me like a mini- stage manager. And in the scene when one of the characters gets a bit manhandled and then pushed off the couch and she starts to cry, Ira rushed over to make sure she was okay. Every single time we did that bit. It was very cute.


I also sent out press packs to . . . press. And have printed up posters and postcards. The front of the postcards look like this:

I am proud of our design (our tag line for those of you who can't read it is "Getting rid of the body is the easy part").

Props are slowly being accumulated, lines are being learned, and slowly but surely a show is coming together. Sunday hopefully we can do a stumble through of the whole play, to really get a sense of things. And Tuesday is our tech run. And then we open on next Thursday (August 2). Eek!!

I'm at the point now where I am really starting to get excited!

Anyway, since this is all kind of old hat for me, and I don't really know what specifically to write about, I was wondering if any of you had any questions about the rehearsal process or whathaveyou, anything you may have wondered about but never really asked. Here's your chance! Don't miss it! You'll totally regret it if you miss it! Yes, yes you will!


Erin said...

I open for my play on Aug 2nd as well! Best wishes for yours . . . I suppose you can't tell a director to break a leg? Or can you?

Dawn said...

May I suggest that you write Ira into the play. He's obviously a natural!

I shall be thinking of you next Thursday - which over here is Friday, or possibly Wednesday! I'll work it out before we get there.Now - what is the exact moment that the curtain opens so that I can stop what I'm doing and think of you?

Love the postcard and wish I could be there.

Adrienne said...

erin - ooh break a leg to you too (and yes you can absolutely tell a director that)

dawn - curtain goes up 11pm my time! Thank for the well wishes!

Erin said...

Break a leg, then!!