Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time for more rehearsal pics . . .

Yes ladies and gents, the ever popular production of Macbeth by the ever fabulous Tempest Theatre Group is back in town! And you know what that means . . .

Artsy black and white rehearsal shots by yours truly!

(just for a change of pace, considering we've been rather "author" oriented lately)

Robbie Westgate (aka King Duncan) napping in the corner. I enjoy this picture because of the windows and the reflection on the floor. You may have other reasons to enjoy it. That is perfectly acceptable.

The fab Mr. Steven Burley (aka Malcolm) in a snazzy hat. Beside him sits Phil Borg (aka Ross) having an enthusiastic chat with the ever lovely, Ms. Lesley Livingston (aka Lady M).

Our ever so talented director and the Mr. Mac himself, Jonathan Llyr. I believe at this moment he was discussing his plans for the show with Mr. Burly from the above photograph.

And a little change of pace, yes, an actual colour photograph, of the "happy we finally have sun and warm temperatures" Ms. Casey Hudecki (aka Second Witch). Note the awesome sunglasses.


David L. McAfee said...

Nice pictures, Adrienne.

I like the first one. Can't pin down a reason, but I do.

Erin said...

Such fun! Very nice pics. :)

Doug A Scott said...

I always love seeing photos like this, given the unlikelyhood of me ever getting a chance to see one of Tempest's productions.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Could I look any balder or fatter in that shot?


Adrienne said...

david - thanks hon! The first pic is cool isn't it?

erin - I always know I'll hear from you when I make such posts. I know your achilles heel!

doug - don't give up hope yet, you never know . . .

JL - dude, seriously. The shot is taken from below so it isnt' the most flattering angle, but let me reassure you, even with the bad angle you neither look fat or bald. So I suppose the answer to your question would have to be, "Yes."

Nailah Saida said...

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