Sunday, April 20, 2008

I love blog tag!

Well every once and a while it happens that I get tagged by another blogger. In this case it happened the other day when djpaterson appeared in my comments section.

So thank you sir for the tag! And now I shall proceed to share with you all:

6 (more) Random Things About Me

1. Guylian chocolates are my favourite (the ones shaped like seashells? Yeah those ones . . .).

2. My window by my computer looks out onto the brick wall of the apartment opposite with the exact same kind window staring back. But it isn't a perfect mirror image as it is slightly further north than mine is. And I have no idea why that is.

3. I love making business cards. I get very artsy doing it. My favourite kinds are the ones that are glossy on one side.

4. I love art history. In university I wanted to double major in it, but the drama portion of my degree was just too time consuming.

5. In that line of thinking, I adore Toulouse Lautrec. Specifically his poster art.

6. I hate shopping, but I love new clothes. This is a problem.

Now I have to tag six other bloggers, but to be honest I just can't think of who today - head is a bit fuzzy. So I am instead tagging these three (half of six, so I figure it still works with the play on numbers):





· Link to the person who tagged you.

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· Write six random things about yourself.

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· Let your tagger know when your entry is up.


hwalk said...

I'm with you on the shopping. I don't like spending money.

And it seems like no one is willing to give me clothes for a present so I can avoid the shopping ...

Holly Kennedy said...

I like reading other people's blog tags but never seem to have time to fit them in when I myself get tagged. I honestly think I'm just a crappy 'time manager' overall!

P.S. Txs again for donating a copy of your book to the silent auction we held earlier this month at the launch of my new novel. In total, we raised $250 for the local school library :)

djpaterson said...

I'm a man, so hating shopping is in my genes.

But I do love choc - of any variety!


Catherine J Gardner said...

Cool, thanks for tagging me, Adrienne. Six random things listed on my blog as of five minutes ago.

Oh, and I hate shopping too.