Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some Ad Astra pics . . .

And here as promised are some pics from the event (Ad Astra). These are just from my camera, so there aren't too many seeing as I was rather busy. And none of me and Lesley as our glamorous auction ladies (sorry Doug, soon I hope). But I hope to collect some from my fellows that I will be able to share with you all soonish.


John Llyr (looking confused), Peter Halasz (looking far away) and Scott Bakker (looking fuzzy)

Scott Bakker looking less fuzzy. At least in the picture. Cannot speak to his emotional or mental state at the time.

Nadine and Chris from (Nadine is showing off her sound equipment and Chris is taking a picture of me at the same time as I am taking one of him.)

Me making sure to take a picture of me proving I was there, or at least pretending to be there by showing up at the hotel at the exact same time the convention was going on.

Jim C Hines reading from his book at his book launch. Just moments before I and my 7 points won a prize. Yes I like reminding people I won a prize.

Julie Czerneda, Lesley Livingston, Rebecca Moesta and me at our panel for writing for young people.

Julie hosting the launch for Misspelled, while Lesley (in the grey t-shirt with the batman logo on it) looks on in fascination.

Me wearing a pair of Steampunk goggles belonging to my pirate friend Scotty. They is awesome.


Nichola said...

Loving the goggles. What a babe!


I hear The Purefoy digs women who wear goggles. :D

It looks like you had a lot of fun though. Ah, the glamorous life of a published noveliser...I long for the day when I can join in!

J M McDermott said...

Who is your friend's gogle supplier?

Where can we acquire such awesome goggles and steampunkery?

Looks like a fun convention. I'll have to turn my starship that way one of these days.

Adrienne said...

Nichola - must find way to get Purefoy my goggle pic . . . ;)

JMM - I cannot remember his name, I will look it up for you. He was selling lots of stuff in the dealers' room. It is a lovely convention, quite small, but that's good because then you can actually meet people and hang out. It's very fun!

Nichola said...

*cough* Well, if you need to get in touch with The Purefoy, I can pass on a message. I have him tethered in my flat as we speak. *coughayerightwhatacrockcough*

A girl can dream.