Thursday, April 17, 2008

Talking to Teenagers

Tuesday I went to a highschool and spoke to a group of around 80 teenagers about writing. It was actually the same highschool where my father (who has since retired) was once head of the English department, so that was cool.

I was really nervous.

I hadn't spoken to teenagers before.

Know what I learned?

It's a lot like talking to adults.

And a lot like talking to kids.

Okay yes there are differences between all three groups, and I'll elaborate on them in my next post (because I think they are interesting), but this post is a moment of revelation post.

So this is the revelation:

I'm starting to think people are just people.

Yup, pretty sure . . .

It's nice.


djpaterson said...

Hi Adrienne

People are indeed people, especially when you give them time and respect.

By the way - tag, you're it. (Meg Gardiner has tagged me & now I've tagged you - see my blog for the rules)

Heidi the Hick said...

That's awesome!

I've been meaning to email you but I keep forgetting... My boy's class project to write to an author was a huge deal for him. He got a reply! He was so excited! He said when the teacher called his name he felt his face get all hot!

I'm not sure if you knew it was my kid who wrote to you, but I didn't give you the heads up because he asked me not to. He was all shy about it.


Adrienne, I always wanted to write for kids and teenagers because they are fascinating people. Yup, people are just people, but I do think those are special. Sadly, I don't know if that audience really is my specialty. Maybe, hopefully, someday a really great MG or YA will come out of me but until then... YOU keep up the good work!

Adrienne said...

dj - I'm it? I always secretly knew I was it. Thanks dj, I'll go check it out!

heidi - I actually did know who he was because he mentioned his online handle, and you've mentioned it as well in your blog. I'm glad he liked the letter, I figured it was some kind of project like that, and when you send a letter it is nice to get one back! Besides he said some really great things about the book, and had some interesting questions, how could I not reply? Tell him thank you for me again!

As to the writing thing, you'll know what audience is best for you. I also think people are capable of writing for more than one kind of audience, so never feel that one is closed to you just because it doesn't come as naturally as others!

All best (and we should communicate via email, I wasn't joking when I said it would be fun to come to yours and do the horseback riding and stuff!)!

Anonymous said...

People are People! Reminds me of this scene in the 'muppets take manhattan'.