Sunday, April 13, 2008

And yet more Ad Astra pics . . .

I am obviously on some kind of picture binge. Anyway, the lovely Lesley sent me a few more pics from Ad Astra that I thought I would share (Doug you will be happy to see we have an auction pic finally!)!


This was really special. Lesley happened to run into her good friend Darth while we were at the convention. It was such a coincidence he was at Ad Astra as well! I don't think she had any idea he was coming. It was a really special reunion - man the stories they had to share . . .!

Me and my friend Scotty (who you have seen several times on this blog as his pirate self, and who also lent me the steampunk goggles for that photo a few posts down). I am wearing a pirate hat. I think I would make an awesome pirate! Except for all the killing and stealing. I'm not so into killing and stealing . . . but aesthetically . . . I think I could rock the pirate thing.
(man the flash of the camera really washed out our faces!)

And finally me and Lesley all glammed up for the Sunburst Awards Auction. You will note we are attempting to auction off our own books. We have no shame.


Anonymous said...

hehe, cool pics.
You gals look lovely :)

Doug A Scott said...

Auction pic! Yay!

The rest are good as well, of course. :-)

David L. McAfee said...

Gotta go with anonymous...y'all DO look lovely.

I like the pirate pic, too. Arg!

Does your friend ever sing his favorite song?

Scotty, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty...

Oh, wait. That's Jack.

My bad.

:) BTW - Jack was GREAT! I liked him a lot, in case you couldn't tell.

Frederick said...

Hi Adrienne, I discovered your book at a Target of all places and didn't buy it but loved the title and the artwork. Having spent ten years in Corporate America and in particular in Videogame industry, I have always valued creativity and concepts and I have always stressed that a good name that can immediately capture the imagination is a triumph in and of itself. I'm in the midst of writing a YA or Teen novel myself and have found this blog and your book (which I bought some time ago from Barnes and Nobles) to be an amazing duo of liberation and likewise inspiration. It's great to see anyone embrace a new challenge and to be so frank about the ups and downs of it..and the book rocks! Great creativity and Alex is an easy young woman to root for. I'll continue to check in on you and hopefully share good news when I finish my book and likewise, when (IF) it gets picked up. -Frederick

Adrienne said...

anon - why thank you!

doug - glad you approve!

david - thank you too! No Scotty doesn't have such a song, but he has one or two of his own devising, though probably not meant for quite the audience as mine. Glad you loved Jack though! I do too! I bought a stuffed animal parrot the other day and named him Jack after the Mr. Scratch himself!

Frederick - thank you so much for stopping by and for all the compliments on both the blog and book (and the title, which I happen to be rather fond of myself :) )! They were all lovely! Good luck on the writing, and yes of course do stop by to let us know how it goes!