Thursday, April 10, 2008

My book in the Philippines

Here is an awesome photo of my book in the Philippines courtesy of the Bibliophile Stalker (appropriately named it would seem).

Now I know I know, how exactly can we prove that this photograph was indeed taken in the Philippines. Well we can't. But that is what faith in our fellow bloggers is all about. At any rate, thanks so much Mr. Tan for sending the pic my way!

I also thought I'd post this pic of my book in Germany that I was sent quite a while ago but totally forgot to post! It too is awesome (it's the book in the centre with the orange spine)!

This is probably a good time to remind people that I will always be open to pictures of yourself and my book in any and all countries. If you are wearing an enjoyable costume, so much the better. Just make sure when you send the pic you also send permission for me to post it!

I do so love my super secret spy blog readers! I highly doubt anyone has such super secret spy blog readers as I do!


Catherine J Gardner said...

Kudos, Adrienne.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I just purchased your book here in staten island, new york at the local barnes and noble. :) I love it and it's exciting to see such a young person(like myself) publish a children's novel that is getting rave reviews. My dream is to publish a children's novel but often people discourage me and say its pretty impossible..but reading your blog and more about you..has helped build confidence in myself and helped me to realize that maybe it's not that impossible. ;) kudos!


Adrienne said...

catherine - thanks hon!

lily - so wonderful to hear from you! I am glad you are enjoying the book, but I am even more glad that my adventure is helping on your own. And I really don't get people who discourage others. I mean, I understand people wanting to warn the people they care about that it will not be easy and there is the chance that they could be hurt emotionally by it, but it is so not impossible.

It's cheesy, but if you have faith in yourself, are realistic and professional, yet at the same time optimistic, and just take the plunge, you can be pretty surprised at all you can accomplish. I know I still am!

Anonymous said...

aww you're so sweet! i am looking forward to purchasing your next book(Timothy and the Dragon's Gate). :)


David L. McAfee said...

Oh, NEAT! I'll have to remember that the next time I'm in target or waldenbooks (and..uh...have my camera with me...That's IT! I'm taking my camera to the store).

Very cool your book is in the Philippines. I lived there for two years in the eighties. Lovely place.

Angela said...

That's great!
I love seening your books in other countries!
Way to go!

Adrienne said...

david - yes please, send me a pic (and if you could include yourself it would be awesome!)!

angela - thank you so much! It is pretty cool isn't it?