Thursday, May 31, 2007

Off to the Big Apple

Okay everyone, I am leaving today on a jet plane for New York NY to engage in all activities BEA (Book Expo of America). Of course I go with the lovely Lesley who is fast becoming my NY buddy. Should be a good time (fingers crossed etc). We begin the itinerary with the Backspace Banquet (Backspace is a writing forum on zee net and is also having their writing conference . . . well I guess as I write this) tonight. Tomorrow we do lunch with Lesley's agent and we go to the party my publishers, Weinstein Books, are hosting in the evening. Then on Saturday I go to the expo itself and hang out a booth 3770 from 2 - 3pm signing galleys and stuff, so if anyone is in the neighbourhood . . . please stop by!

Incredibly, almost painfully, detailed report to follow on my return on Sunday.

Until then, have a lovely weekend everyone! Big wet sloppy kisses to you all! Except you. No not you, I love you, I meant you, the one standing next to . . . yes! You! You may go now.

(oh how can I even kid with my fab sexy readers, I just, man, I just love all you guys so much!)


Devon Ellington said...

Have a great time! sorry I didn't find your blog earlier -- I'm just outside Manhattan -- I would have come in to buy you a drink!

Dawn said...

Have a great time, Adrienne. Looking forward to hearing all about the Book Expo when you return. (And the partying, and signing stuff at booth 3770 - I had to practise my siggy before I signed my first book! - and any big wet sloppy kisses that you might get or give!)

J M McDermott said...

i wanted to go to bea, but i won't have advance review copies for another month or so...

blah. jealousness vibes hovering greenly in the direction of you.

Dawn said...

Back yet, Adreinne? No? Anyone kissed you? What do you mean "your lips are sealed"!

Kanani said...

Hi Adrienne,
We've posted your ARC on our site. We look forward to reading it and speaking with you.

Dawn said...

Pokes head round corner of the blog again. Sighs. Wanders off.

Adrienne said...

Hey all! Thanks for the well wishes, all the details of my adventures have now been posted, along with pics!

kanani - awesome! Great link, and so weird to see Ted somewhere other than with me!

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