Monday, May 14, 2007

Tap Dancing

Hey all! Time for some tap dancing!

What is this you ask? Well the fab J M McDermott tapped my blog as a "thinking blog" which I just thought was very lovely of him to do, and now as the rules dictate (and just because it is the nice thing to do) I would like to tap others in turn.

The rules dictate 5 blogs, but I am having a hard time finding that many, not because the content out there doesn't exist, but because the ones I happen to frequent have all already been given the award. So I have three instead.

The first person I am choosing is John Connolly, the prolific bestselling Irish thriller author who's recent novel, "The Book of Lost Things" was a bit of a departure for him. He updates his blog, when he is not busy book touring etc., around once a week, and I've always found his posts incredibly insightful and well written (even if they are simply about the day to day mechanics of his life, which are always my favourite posts). He really let's you experience the world of writing through his eyes, and I just think everyone should head over right now to have a read through some of his archives.

So Mr. Connolly - I TAP THEE!

The next tap goes to a now defunct blog that is still worth reading. It is the journal entries by yet another prolific author, Guy Gavriel Kay that relate the details of the run up to the publication of his book "Ysabel". Yet another very interesting read about the business, and well worth reading despite the fact that the journey is over, and also again, very well written.

So Mr. Kay - I TAP THEE!

And finally, I must tap my lovely writing/acting buddy Lesley, not just because she is my lovely writing/acting buddy Lesley, but because her entries are remarkably astute (that is when she has time to post). Sometimes observational, sometimes almost poetic (check out her rant about April), this blond bombshell deserves a nice tap I think.

And so Ms. Livingston - I TAP THEE!

For an explanation as to what the heck this whole tapping thing is, check out:


Dawn said...

You did that with such style, Adrienne! It was like watching someone being knighted!

I'm obvioulsy just a country yokel. I tossed my tags in the air with instructions on how to beat your opponent by fair means or foul.

So should we be calling you Queen Adrienne?

Adrienne said...

Yes, yes you should!

The reason I felt obliged to be so thorough is simply because I felt I had to make up for the fact that I lacked all 5 required blogs. Also at first I posted the entry with just one, and then thought of 2 more, so you may have to re-read the post and see the latest members of my round table!

Holly Kennedy said...

Adrienne, I'm redfaced.
I was tapped as a 'thinking blog' weeks ago and STILL haven't done a thing about it. How do you juggle everything, girl?! I'm barely managing to promote book 2, finish book 3 and feed my kids every day.
With admiration :)

Adrienne said...

Ah yes Holly, but I think the keyword in there was "kids". Everything I do is for myself. I have no idea how I would be a writer and promote stuff with also a family to take care of. My hat is off to you in a serious way!