Friday, May 25, 2007

It's happened to me too!

Yes ladies and gents, we are all rather familiar with the hilariousness that is Patricia Wood's ARC of Lottery being sold many times over on ebay and I am extremely proud to announce that an ARC of the UK version of my book is up on ebay too! So crazy and totally unexpected! And it comes with bonus extras!

Here you can check it out and just have an awesome giggle!

ebay ARC: "Alex and the Wigpowder Treasure"


Dawn said...

This only happens to talented and famous writers, Adrienne. You know what this means?

You're talented and famous!

Linda D. said...

hmph ... I find it kinda annoying that it's unread. Don't they realize what they've got in their hands??

Holly Kennedy said...

Rock on, Adrienne!
This is so cool. Congratulations from my corner of Canada :)

I'e found my ARCs and books for sale on ebay and it does give yah a little shiver, huh?

Adrienne said...

Well of course Dawn! That goes without saying! lol

linda - not only do they not realise what they've got, but not a single soul has made a bid. How they will regret it when I become bigger than JK Rowling, bigger than chocolate covered peanuts, bigger than . . . bigger than a season finale of 24! Ah well . . .their loss!

Holly - thanks! It is the weirdest thing, and kind of strange as it looks like people do this quite regularly, I wonder how they get their hands on the ARCs in the first place?

snarkfodder said...

See? With ten hours left to go, you've got two bids!
... Oh, and they're both by the same person. How odd.

But notice it's only available for shipping within the UK. Were it available to Americans/Canadians, I am confident you'd see more bids.

Then again, why buy a copy sans the cool cover art? I think all the savvy readers are keeping patient for the official release.

And anyway, you don't get royalties from eBay ARC sales, so it's all good.

Do I know how to spin or what?

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hi Adrienne,
So I hate to be one of those people who visits someone's blog in total ignorance and with comments unresponsive to the post at hand, but here I am anyway.

It's nice here! I can't recall if I've visited before of just seen your witty comments on other sites.

I don't know whether to be more jealous of your status as actress or writer, or just leave it that I'm jealous of both.

Kanani said...

Hey Adrienne,
We gave you a shout out on our blog.
The Writerly Pause

Glad to see everything is going on schedule for you. You'd probably have A LOT in common with our friend Karine, who is also in our group.

ORION said...

Adrienne I am back with wireless connectivity in far away Norway!
How very cool. I have tried to get a few extra of mine but am out bid each time.

Dawn said...

Sigh! (pokes foot dispiritedly at the grass) Out here in New Zealand we don't seem to fight tooth and nail for ARC. Not mine, anyway. Oh well, I'll just take my book off to the hen-run and read them another chapter or two. I think they really enjoyed yesterday's episode.

Adrienne said...

snarkfodder - I was actually genuinely shocked that anyone bid exactly for your reasons (especially the lack of cool cover art). Seriously I was blown over. And very flattered. So thank you to whomever bought it! Seriously!

crabby - I think you have been here before, but we have definitely met over at AW! Don't be jealous about the acting or writing man! Be jealous at how freakin' fabulous I am!

kanani - thanks so much for the shout out! I really hope the PR people get in touch, though they seemed really interested in your blog and the concept. I dunno, I have so little control over things . . .

Orion - the joy of ARCs! But you know what, whenever something happens to me that has happened to you, I mark it as an especial achievment. "I'm like Pat!"

Dawn - NZ is a lot like Canada I think. We are proud of our accomplishments, but we won't go all "tooth and nail" about it. My Canadian publishers here don't even do ARCs! Though they do have a very different system so it doesn't look like they need to (and I really have to state, to make sure it's all clear, that the Canadians are being incredibly generous and supportive to me, and they totally put up with my silly questions on the phone, I am a seriously lucky girl!).

Mahak said...

Hey! Like others, I have really enjoyed reading about your work life. I am mostly interested in the writing aspect, but even so, reading about someone who has made their art their profession is really interesting (and comforting!). Earlier you had asked if we had any, well, are you working on a second novel? I am not sure if this is already mentioned or not, but I am curious. Also, do you mind talking about your method of writing? I remember earlier you said that when you were writing your novel, you were watching TV...did you plan the story ahead of time, etc.? I am always curious as to how different writers work!

Thanks for your musings.