Thursday, May 03, 2007


I have an ARC!! I do! Or really what I like to call a pre-ARC. I call it a pre-ARC because as my editor explained, these are more like colour photocopies. They are making prettier ones in a few weeks where I will get many more to send off as I please, but right now they are trying to get them out to as many people as possible so they wanted to get the show on the road. Still I mean, it looks very much like other ARCs I've seen out there, like a soft cover book, so I can't imagine what more they are planning on doing with it.

But who cares?! I think it is absolutely gorgeous and I can't really believe I have a book! I mean it looks like a book! Like bound and stuff! My favourite part? The spine! Sounds silly maybe, but think about it, aside from the cover, it's the bit you look at most because when it is shelved next to other books, that's all you see. I love my spine!

Okay now for the story of the pre-ARC. I get a call yesterday morning from my mom to tell me it arrived. But my poor mom! My dad's out for the day so she's all alone, no one to hug or jump up and down with, so she's a teeny bit giddy on the phone. And when she brings it over to my place, she just refuses to leave and sort of just keeps smiling at me. It's very sweet.

Then I spend all day in my apartment doing whatever, and wherever I go I take my pre-ARC with me. A bit like a teddy bear or blanky.

Then I go meet the lovely Lesley for drinks, and I so have to bring my pre-ARC with me. We order and I show her and we get all giddy about it. And then the waitress comes back and I just have to show her. So I do! And then she gets all giddy! We notice how her hair is cut a lot like Alex on my cover. Then she goes off and Lesley reads the first chapter of the book. When the waitress comes back she tells us that she told the bartender who got all excited and that the next round is on them! So sweet and seriously unexpected! We chat more with her, her name is Kerry (and I am spelling this right 'cause we had a long talk about the spelling, how she was named after the County Kerry in Ireland, Lesley pointed out it was a good thing she wasn't named after the County Cork), and she is just as excited as we are.

And then I go home and read some of my book on the subway. I was hoping someone would come up and ask, "Ooh interesting looking book, what's it about?" so I could say, "Oh, you know, pirates. And see this? That's my name, I wrote it!" But alas no one did.

Finally I go to bed, and pick up Lottery to read more (which is so awesome and you will get a full review anon), but my book is right next to me in bed still.

And now it is here, looking up at me from my desk as I write this. My happy little pre-ARC. I think I'll call him Ted.


J M McDermott said...

looks smashing!

Pisarz said...

Oooh, it's so pretty!!!

David L. McAfee said...

Ted is a good name for a Pre-ARC. I like it.

Geez, Adrienne, you must be super excited. I'm excited, and it's not even my book! I can't imagine! Enjoy this moment! You earned it.

SarahP said...

They bought you drinks!?

I'm totally bringing my arc's to bars. (when it comes out, that is).

Congratulations--i'ts beautiful!

Linda D. said...

Okay, that is one of the coolest ARC stories I've ever heard.

I like Ted. That works.

Heidi the Hick said...


I would do that- I would drag it around with me everywhere. I have a purse big enough too. Yeah, I think I'd like to have a preARC to take for walks and drives!

Now please please please let us know when you'll be doing a reading because I'll show up and buy a copy (or three) and drag my two rotten big eyed brainiac kids with me. This book is right up their alley. It's their bag. It's like, their thing, man. I'll hold my wrist over my face so you recongnize me ok?

Now go hug your book!!!!

ORION said...

yeah yeah yeah!
Sleep with it under your pillow and cuddle with it.
Way to go Adrienne!

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! I love it. It reminds me of "A Series of Unfortunate Events." Maybe the same artist? Congrats!

---Soccer Mom.

Robert Stivaletti said...

The cover art and layout is lovely.

Cat Connor said...

Fantastic! Enjoy your ARC!! (Ted is a great name for an ARC)

Dawn said...

May I just say, Adrienne, that I think Ted looks a lot like you. Yes, I can see a family resemblance - attractive cover with firm spine and wonderful content inside. Definitely a family resemblance. And you're absolutely allowed to cart the little guy around with you.

In fact - and I'll say this very quietly, just between you and me - you're allowed to roll about on the carpet with him and drape your hair over his manly spine.

Seriouly, this is the most wonderful news. Enjoy every second of it.

Therese said...

It's wonderful, truly! "Ted." Hmmm, I didn't name mine...but I did carry it around all day, and then look at it on my desk for several more.

A lovely milestone moment, hurray!

Erin said...

Cool, and SO exciting!!

snarkfodder said...

Hot like WHOA!

Adrienne said...

Thank you guys so much for the support! It is just so truly amazing! And I am glad people approve of the name Ted. It just felt right.

now to answer specific quetions:

Heidi - I'll be doing readings once it comes out in the fall for sure, but I may look into doing some stuff this summer, I'll totally keep you posted!

soccer mom - isn't just gorgeous?! The artist is John Rocco (not the same guy as A Series of . . .), but he does do many a cover some I am sure you've seen his work before!

Chumplet said...

It looks so wonderful and shiny! I don't blame you for taking it everywhere.

I don't know if I'm going to get an ARC of my book. I only know I'm allowed one free copy when it comes out in print. No box of books for me.

Wait till you get a whole box full! You'll be hitting the ceiling!


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a gorgeous pre-ARC.



Holly Kennedy said...

Oooh, Adrienne, it's gorgeous!
What a fun time for you.
Congrats. Congrats. Congrats.
I can't wait to read it.
And, honestly, Ted is the perfect name for your pre-ARC, although it looks like a full fledged ARC to me!!

Patry Francis said...

Congratulations! It's stunning. (And Ted is my husband's name so I'm rather fond of that, too!)

Dawn said...

How is Ted today? Eating all his greens so he'll grow up big and strong?

Kanani said...

Wow. That is gorgeous. I'd read your book in a nanosecond. I'm thrilled for you!

Seriously, if your publicist is looking for ARC readers, stop by our blog, The Writerly Pause. We've reviewed "Lottery."

Adrienne said...

Thank you all again so much for the support! I love Ted, and he has happily made himself very comfy in my purse.

kanani, thank you for the offer, I am very interested. I'll email you to discuss it further!