Friday, May 18, 2007

My UK Cover!

Yes, yes I know, you've all been waiting oh so impatiently, and so now here I would like to introduce you to my UK cover!

Isn't it just so cool how different covers can be?! Okay and before anyone asks me the inevitable, "Which one do you like more?" can I just get it out of the way by annoying you all so completely by telling you: I love them both.

I'm sorry if it sounds wishy washy, but it is simply the truth. They are completely different from each other and they each highlight completely different things. I love the colourfulness of the UK one, the sort of crazy silliness it represents (which is what is inside the book as well). The sketches of the characters are awesome, and I am just thrilled that Mr. Underwood and Alex's Uncle get to make an appearance. But my absolute favouritist bit?

I love, LOVE, the little sketches around the border! With just a few simple lines the artist, Paul Bommer, has managed to capture the essence of so many characters (but I love the sketch of Port Cullis best!). It's also kind of retro feeling, a la "Catch Me If You Can" title sequence (the Steven Spielberg movie? With Leo DiCaprio? Tom Hanks?).

Anyway, I am so excited that I can finally share it with you! Man, I mean seriously! Just so totally awesome!


snarkfodder said...

I'll second that, and I won't pick a favourite either because I'm confident each region's respective marketing team knows what works best for their readers. So while I may feel inclined to pick the North American cover, that's probably only because I'm in Canada.

Erin said...

I love them both, too!

Linda D. said...

Oh wow, what fun! I love them both, too!

Christine said...

I love them both!

Dawn said...

Of course they both look wonderful to you! To try to choose between them would be like asking a mother which of her twins she prefered. Ted A and Ted B are both colourful whimsical little people you can feel very proud of.

This is an exciting time in your life, Adrienne - savour every moment of it.

Adrienne said...

Thanks guys! They very much are impossible to choose between and so I just will not!

Oh and I also wanted to apologise for being tardy in my response, I am having internet problems so can only communicate once and a while these days. Right now at my parents'. But of course major thank yous to you all for your wonderful support!

Maureen McGowan said...

Hi Adrienne. I just found you on Backspace.

Your book looks great. I love both covers, too... You know... To me the North American one looks British and the British one looks American... (Making both seem "exotic" in their local markets?) Those marketing people can be smart.

Dawn said...

Interesting comment by Maureen. That was exactly what I thought but I hadn't come up with any explanation for it.

The exotic sells. No flies on those marketting gurus!

snarkfodder said...

Wait wait wait...

So if you haven't seen the internet lately, does that mean you missed Miss Snark's retirement party? It's very sad.

I'm keeping this name, though!

Adrienne said...

That is an interesting theory Maureen, hadn't thought of that! It's actually quite plausible!

Snarkfodder, I have been absent, but even I knew of her retirement, yes very sad, but fortuantely the blog will be kept live so people can still use her excellent advice!

Therese said...

What fun this one is! Different, but also fabulous. Whimsical.

Heidi the Hick said...

Crazy fun cover! I see what you mean about the Catch Me if You Can vibe.

I guess asking you to choose a favourite would be like asking a mother to pick a favourite child. Can't be done...Love them both!!

Adrienne said...

I thought you might find this amusing Heidi (my fellow Canuck). Out of the two covers, the Canadians are using the American one to keep North America consistent, which I think makes sense. But seeing as I am being published by Scholastic in both the UK and Canada, and seeing as the spelling and such works better with those countries, they are using the British edited manuscript.

So my book will be a true Canadian. On the outside, it will appear American, but inside, it's all things British!

(sweeping generalisation, please no one get mad at me! I thought it was cute, 'tis all!)

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