Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Something Tangible

I feel good today and it's because I accomplished something tangible. Which is such a rare thing for me.

See I find in the writing world, despite the fact that edits eventually come to an end (I am told), and your book eventually winds up on a shelf, I can still imagine that, reading through that finished product, an author can find things that they think could still be improved upon.

And in the acting world, well especially theatre, there is a sense that everything is mutable, nothing is permanent. Your performance is always changing, and while one night you may feel totally awesome about your own work, the very next day you can feel as low as can be.

But today! Today I completed something tangible.

There is a theatre festival in Toronto called SummerWorks for which I wanted to apply (the deadline is tomorrow). There is no guarantee you'll get in, all the proposals are tried by jury, but I'm still hopeful. Anyway I kept putting off getting the package together and today, at the last moment, I got my act in gear. I wrote my letter of intent, and I included some extra info on the show. I filled in the application form, wrote a couple cheques. And I printed up my 49 page one-act play, "A Weekend in the Country." I put the whole thing together and stuffed it into a manila envelope. And after I went to my singing lesson, dropped off the whole proposal in person at the headquarters.

Sure if I get in, then there will be way more work to do (I really hope I get in!).

But for now I am going to revel in this rarest of moments. That in one day I completed a task, start to finish.

And man it felt awesome.


Everyone excited about Lisa Clark's visit tomorrow? I know you are!! Just one more day to check out her site before she makes her appearance: Pink World

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