Friday, January 12, 2007

The New Look!

So, so? What do you think? Isn't my blog pretty now? I am very proud of myself I may say.

Thanks to some lovely folks on Absolute Write I upgraded to a better kind of blogger and with their help managed to create this lovely Temp, Actress, Writer header at the top. Those with keen eyes may have noticed subtle colour changes in the text, and if you scroll all the way down to the bottom you will find one of my ultimate favourite quotes which is from the Jacobean tragedy "Love's Sacrifice".

(In the play there is a man who gets three women pregnant. In order to get their revenge on him they all stab him during a dance. As he lies writhing on the floor in agony, just about to die he curses: "A pox on your outlandish feminine antics!" I saw this play for the first time in drama school when the other half of my year performed it, with a lovely fellow by the name Patrick Allcorn playing the unfortunate man. Well not THAT unfortunate. His role was kind of unpleasant, and while I'd never say he deserved it . . . well anyway I nearly died laughing.)

Anyway. I hate to admit it, but I wasted far too much time on this new look of the blog, and today must make up for being a slacker in the writing department. So this post is going to be rather short.

Just wanted to also add I went skating at city hall last night with my friend Emily. It was a lot of fun. And just oh so Canadian. And now my legs are aching like crazy. Which can only be a good thing!

(This picture is actually the city hall and it looked exactly like this last night, though more people. Pretty huh?)

Have a good weekend everyone! I promise much more exciting posts next week!


Ghost Girl said...

Hello, Adrienne.

Saw your post on the blue boards and thought I'd stop in for a peek. Looks great! I need to work on mine. It's just the bland, canned template that the site had to offer. Good luck with everything. Stop in and blog "Hi"! [url][/url]

Odile S said...

Hi Adrienne,

That play seems very man unfriendly to me... or isn't it?
I thought your other blog was great looking too. Can I put you on my blogsroll? I'm interested in theater and teaching besides my primary interest which is psychology. Nearly all my readers are academics and/or writers.

adrienne said...

Ha, well it isn't particularly 'man unfriendly', just towards that man. The thing about the Jacobean Tragedies is that nearly everyone dies in it in some horrible way. And usually everyone is pretty nasty to each other. That's what makes them so much fun!

If you would like to put the blog on your blog roll I would be honoured!