Thursday, June 19, 2008

Timothy excerpt

And another post! What's up with this girl?!

But first let us crown the King of Awesomeness, Jandroos, for his amazing "spot the differences" prowess! All hail King Jandroos of Awesomeness!

Another quickie show and tell:

Just for those who are curious, you can read the first two chapters of Timothy over at Scholastic Canada. So yeah, just so's y'all know! (Really hope you guys like it, seriously, it's like I never had Alex published, all the nerves are just as fresh this time around!)


hwalk said...

I am so excited! And I love it! It was great. I like Timothy already. I want to keep reading. Awesome.

Doug A Scott said...

Hah! Sucks to be Headmaster Doosy! :-)

And methinks that Timothy is in for a few life lessons in his upcoming adventures...

Adrienne said...

hwalk - so glad!! Quite a relief actually to hear that!

doug - totally sucks to be Headmaster Doosy. :)