Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Book Expo Canada

Had a wonderful two days at Book Expo here in Toronto! Seriously awesome, and way more eventful than my hour long meander last year through the stalls.

On Sunday I met up with the lovely Lesley, along with authors Danielle Younge-Ullman and Tish Cohen (and Lesley's friend Shiraz who was there to pitch this awesome 3-D video game thing as well as his very cool MG fantasy book). We met at the top of the escalators to the Expo . . . and then went out to lunch.



Then we returned to the Expo where we agreed to meet at the Penguin booth at 2pm for the champagne thingy (Penguin is Danielle's publisher), and Lesley and I went off to interview Robert J Sawyer for Hardcore Nerdity. Well Lesley did the interviewing, I just listened. It was a great one, and will be up online soon.

With some time on our hands we then wandered over to the Harper Collins booth, where Lesley was greeted like the star she is, seriously, her book Wondrous Strange is going to be huge (I'm allowed to say that Lesley . . . it's okay)! EVERYONE at the booth had heard of the book, or read it, and were SO excited to meet her.

Finally we made it back over to the Penguin table where we had mimosas and the place got rather overcrowded. We met up with Chris Szego from Bakka-Phoneix Books (a fab SF bookstore here in Toronto), and I interviewed her about current trends in the market for genre work (again for the website). Next on our list was Kelly Armstrong, who Lesley interviewed, and I wandered off with Tish and Shiraz to see Danielle give a reading at the presentation stage. She did very well. But she's also an actress, so it comes very naturally to her.

We wandered around a bit more, and then went for drinks. Was very fun as we were sitting outside but under a roof and were perfectly covered when the rain starting pouring down.

The next day I returned to the event on my own in time to see a few more author friends give presentations of their books. Then I tried to get a signed copy of Danielle's ARC Falling Down, but fifteen minutes into the signing all of them were gone! So not fair! But excellent for Danielle of course.

Eventually I made it over to the Scholastic Booth for my 2:30pm signing, which was really great. There was a line waiting for me even before it started! Felt like a superstar! I'm not even sure how long I signed for, but I must have been close to an hour. It was really fun, and I met a lot of lovely people.

Photo courtesy of Q&Q Staff, Quill and Quire, Quill Blog

And then had a coffee with Danielle and Shiraz, before parting ways and returning home.

In all it was a really lovely weekend! Hectic, a little airless, but lovely!

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