Saturday, April 14, 2007

The proof is in the . . . proof . . .

Step by step.

I have received my proofs from my American editor (UK ones to arrive sometime next week)! It's so crazy. Just when you think you are getting used to things, something comes out of left field (okay not really left field, more like directly in front of you and you can kind of see it coming at you from miles away [since I have been expecting my proofs] - a bit like when my neighbour at my cottage's dog, Gabe, would charge me from across the two acres that separated our houses . . . ).

So proofs are, for the uninitiated, or just people who don't really know about the publishing world (aka me this time last year), are a print up of how your book will eventually look. It's a stack of manuscript pages, like normal, but in this case they have been formatted (spacing, font etc) how they will look as a final product. So this means title page. And chapter headers. And a lovely lovely font, which I highly approve of but which I would doubt it would matter if I didn't.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my American version of my book is officially 310 pages long (including acknowledgements).

It is absolutely thrilling to see my proofs. It just drives home the point that this will be a book someday. That it will even look like a real book. It's totally awesome. And, as usual, overwhelming.

(of course now I have to read the whole thing again and look for "egregious errors" . . . )


In acting news, (this still is a multi purpose blog), I had my first audition through my agent the other day! I finally signed my contract with McGuin and Associates on Tuesday, and then the next day my new agent, Debi, was sending me out! I haven't had such an audition for over a year now (I have had other auditions that I scouted out myself, but it has been almost a year since I came back to Toronto, thus giving up representation in the UK, and the agent hunt, be it for acting or writing, is a long, tricky process.).

At any rate I had a lovely time, and met some nice girls (granted we are all competing for the same role, but I have found for the most part, people are quite nice at auditions because everyone is kind of insecure and really just want to relax a bit). It also just feels nice to be pro-active again.

So in all, it's been a good couple of days!

Hope you are all doing well as well!


snarkfodder said...

Aw, no need to include us comment-supporters in your acknowledgements. Go ahead, take us out, it should cut you down to... what? 302 pages? Really, it's FINE! ;)

These days I'm reading Night Watch by Terry Pratchett, and I'm seeing typos all over the place. Somebody wasn't doing their job. Makes me think I need to become a proofreader. Need any help? :P

Dawno said...

Another step closer! How exciting for you (and a little vicarious thrill for your new fans). I look forward to reading the American version as soon as it comes out!

Dawn said...

Have just been through the proof stage with my first book so I really can understand your excitement. When you at last see this damn thing you've been wrestling with forever in a different format, it seems to take on a new reality.

Good luck with the book and I hope we can get it out here in New Zealand.

(And no - I'm not a double act with the last poster although I might have seen that name before!)

adrienne said...

Thanks everyone (snarkfodder you made me laugh!)!

And Dawn, the book actually should be available in New Zealand through Scholastic! (what's it like to live in New Zealand anyway? I repeat. . . so jealous!)

Dawn said...

New Zealand is a wonderful place to live - Lord of the Rings scenery and the best netball team in the world! I live near Lake Taupo - clear water, rainbow trout this big, and friendly people. (I'm starting to read like a tourist brochure!)

Maybe your writing or acting career will bring you down here one day.

Heidi the Hick said...

The proof is proven!!

What a thrill. And I agree, font is so important. Very happy for you that you like what you see!

ORION said...

Ain't proofs cool? I cried when I got mine. I also cried when I got my copyedited ones.
I cried when I got my contract...
I think I cried for everything!

J M McDermott said...

i laugh because i wonder what will happen when proofs show up for book three or four.

like new parents, the first child gets large blogposts and pictures.

the second will be a paragraph in a post. "oh, the proofs came today, hooray! now i don't have a life for a few weeks until i send them back!"

the third will be this: "oh, almost forgot, i've recieved proofs. also, i'm drinking lots of papaya juice these days. papaya juice is surprisingly good in cereal."

the fourth will be a picture in your web camera that you rediscover weeks later, and you can't remember exactly why you took this particular picture or what it means for at least thirty seconds.

in fact, someday, this will be so mundane that it will be a hassle. you'll curse to yourself at the poor timing of the proofs when there's a dinner to cook, and a kid's soccer game to attend, and a husband that seems so proud of you for something so mundane. why on earth is that foolish man so excited about mere proofs?

congrats, by the way!

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Adrienne,
We "met" on Dawn's blog in New Zealand, and here I am in New York and there you are in Toronto. The world gets smaller every day.

Just wanted to stop by to say congrats on the proofs (I can only dream . . . ) and I hope the audition turns out to be successful for you. I guess it was successful in an important way since you met nice people.

Holly Kennedy said...

Man, are you busy or what??!! Acting, writing, blogging... and all with such gusto. I'm green! Wish I had your energy.

Would like to talk to you about YA agents sometime, btw, but it'll have to wait until ....summer, after I finish promoting book 2 and writing book 3 (argh -- never enuff time to do all I want to do).

adrienne said...

lol! You guys are all so funny, and so supportive, thank you!

dawn - you bet my acting is taking me to New Zealand! Peter Jackson won't know what hit him (especially if I come at him from behind . . . [joke people, it was a joke])!

Heidi - isn't it odd that something like font could suddenly become so meaningful (or maybe not considering the number of threads I have seen started on various writing forums debating courier vs times new roman. . .argh!)

orion - you sap! Okay, so I got a bit teary myself, but I will still point and laugh at you! Ha ha!

jmm - you make a very astute observation as usual. So wise. So wise. Fortunately books aren't people (no matter how much we baby them) and at least I know I won't be sending my future stories into therapy for ignoring them entirely (which I plan to do with relish!)

terrie - nice to meet you too, and thanks for the good luck! Auditions are a tricky thing because of course you want to get them, but at the same time success can also be measured in networking, and even just learning "how to audition" which you can really only do through doing. And yes, also by meeting nice people. (still I would like to eventually be cast in something. . . would be nice)

holly - I am flattered, though to be honest, I always feel pooped! If only I drank coffee. . . Let me know when you want to chat YA stuff, I'm totally up for that!

Therese said...

I read this post the other day and was going to remark that my proofs were due...then realized I meant my copyedits...then my router died but was mysteriously resurrected--it has been an odd week here!

Anyway, I love seeing the photo of your pages especially now that I know my copyedited ms will be in my hands tomorrow a.m.!

Congrats on this milestone. :)