Thursday, April 26, 2007

A little story

Since I have had such interest from people with the whole acting/auditioning thing, I thought I would share an amusing little story on the glamorous world of acting. Staring me!

So while I was in the UK I had an audition for an independent film. The part I was told was basically one line, an office worker who worked with the main character, who when she attempts to inquire after his well being is cut off mid sentence by someone else.

It took me over an hour to get to the place, and of course I got lost on the way. Then once I got there I had to wait for several minutes before they were ready for me (which is usual). Then I finally get into the audition. The director and the girl who is operating the camera are there, both very friendly, and the director starts to explain the film to me. She explains the story, about what has happened to our main character, and how grief stricken he is. How messed up his family life is, and how messed up he himself is. Then she goes on to explain the scene I will be reading. She explains how I am reading for a character who is genuinely concerned for the MC. And she says how in England people aren't quite that open to talking about those sorts of things and so it is quite something that my character expresses sympathy. Then she says that what she wants me to do with my line is read it, and then when I get interrupted (by the camera woman who was also reading in for the other characters) just to listen and react to the rest of the conversation. The director asks me if I am ready. I say that I am. Action.

Me: "Oh John I'm so sorry for - "

Camera woman interrupts with the rest of the dialogue.

I listen intently.


Director stands up and offers me her hand: "Thank you so much for coming in!"

And that is the glamorous world of acting: An hour and a half of build up to perform and incomplete sentence, and you know what, I wouldn't want it any other way!


Therese said...

Oh, that is so glamorous!

Okay, it's interesting, for real. I've had a few acting bug bites in my day. Nothing professional, though.

You are quite multi-dimensional. :)

Dawn said...

I bet your incomplete sentence was an Oscar winner!

A few years ago, there were ads running in many kiwi newspapers for extras for a movie. I didn't respond - didn't quite believe it was 'genuine'. The movie turned out to be Lord of the Rings and I do wish I had responded. I could just see myself as an Orc!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to ask you a related question, in private, then realized you aren't publicly accessible through email. Is that because the internets are weird? (Nothing wrong with privacy, just curious. I certainly think they're weird.)

Adrienne said...

therese - it is fun, but if you don't relish in the absurdity of it, you could go mad

dawn - I can't believe you missed out on the LOTR thing! Though to be honest, I would have probably been skeptical at the time too!

Snarkfodder - I am now available through email, at the very top of the sidebar, above my profile! Ask away!

Armil@broadway shows new said...

What an experience! I think we have the same setting before. Auditions are really things that should be prepared. Cause you will end up miserable if you don't!

Thanks for sharing!