Saturday, April 28, 2007

Now people can email me!

Just a quickie, I have figured out finally how to do that thing where you can click on an email link and it sets up everything for you to send me an email. So now you can send me an email! (I know, a dream come true for you all! Look to the right, up a bit . . . up a bit more . . . see, there's the link!)

Um . . . and would someone mind testing it out for me, to make sure I actually did do it right? Maybe you could say that you did in the comments section in case it went wrong so I can fix it. I would appreciate it a lot!
You see I like to pretend I know what I am doing, but really . . .

Anyway, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I sent you an email.

Adrienne said...

Yay it worked! Thanks so much!

Dawn said...

One from New Zealand flapping towards you.

I've wondered about this email thing. Does what you've set up protect you from spammers and the like? I would like to have a 'contact me' on my website - is this the way to go?

Anonymous said...

Dawn: There are automated bots that trawl the internet, sucking up stray email addresses and adding them to spam lists. There are a few ways to evade them.

Writing out your email address as
NAME (at) GMAIL.COM is common.

The idea being that bots only look for the @ sign, which is probably true. Of course, if everybody started using (at), then bots would be programmed to look for (at). For now it's a good defense.

A more recent innovation is to make a graphic (JPEG or GIF) of the address. Since it's not actual text, the bots won't see it.

The only downside to either method is that visitors have to type the address rather than simply click a link. It may be worth it to cut down on the spam, though.

Dawn said...

Thanks for that Snarkfodder. So the actress is not simply beautiful but has clever friends.

With a name like Snarkfodder I'm guessing you're enjoying Her Snarkiness's short break.

Lesley Livingston said...

...and a purty new picture up, too!

Busy (procrastinating? *grin*) girl.



Anonymous said...

Dawn: No way! Her absence is a torture. (Although I do seem to get more work done when she's on hiatus.) Actually her responses to me have always been rather devoid of malice; I suspect some imposter gained access to her computer and wanted to ruin her reputation.