Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fun with Statcounter

For those of you who do not have a blog, but I believe that most of you do (and really it is THE thing these days), you may know the joy that is Statcounter.

In brief, Statcounter is a free thingy (yes thingy) that allows you to keep track of who is visiting your blog and how they get there. It's really neat! And addictive! I've had visitors from all over the planet (thank you my visitors from all over the planet), and many return visits as well (thank you my returning visits - your loyalty shall be rewarded . . . in time . . .).

But the bestest bit about Statcounter? "Recent Keyword Activity". When you click on this link in your statcounter you can find what phrases people have googled in order to find you (or to accidentally come across your blog). As such I thought it would be fun to share some of the more unexpected ones.

First of all, there are a lot of 'Adrienne Kress'es. A couple 'Temp, Actress and Writer's. A few 'Alex and the Ironic Gentleman's or the other name with Wigpowder Treasure.

I also get quite a few that read as "What size are actresses" or "Skinny actresses" or "How models stay thin" due to my rant a few months back on Tyra Banks. I get the occasional "Jon Stewart" (sigh I would love to get an actual Jon Stewart). Lisa Clark whom I hosted on her virtual tour gets a few requests. As does "reading aloud".

However then there are the truly unique ones. Like "pricking of my thumb what does this mean", and "how to become a famous actress" (I wish I knew!).

But today my friends, today I got the winner, by far. Ready for it? Ready? Drum roll please . . . .

"What temp do you bake marlin."

And that my friends, makes Statcounter a god among counters of stats!


So now it is your turn my blogging friends, what are the strangest googles you've had?


snarkfodder said...

"Visitors from all over the planet." ONLY this planet? I'm surprised.

Should the marlin lover return or hang about: Consider grilling the marlin instead. If you insist, try 350 F for 14 minutes, carefully flipping the fish halfway through (7 minutes each side).

Therese said...

Oh, Statcounter is great fun!

I wish I'd kept track of some of the better search terms, but alas I have not.

"Curly '80's hairstyles" is one odd, random hit I remember...

adrienne said...

lol! Those are both brilliant!! (and I do hope the marlin googler returns to take your excellent advice snarkfodder).

Oh and who is the smarty pants who googled "temp actress writer adrienne kress get back to work you!"??

(though it is very astute)

snarkfodder said...

No, no, I was quoting you with "visitors from all over the planet." Although if I did see that in a google I'd have to wonder.

As for the other point, guilty as charged. You don't get all the fun with statcounter, you know. ;) Oooh, now everybody will know how to send you secret admirer messages, woowoowoo!

adrienne said...

lol! I totally missed that you were quoting me. Now I see it. I too am surprised that I haven't had visits from anywhere else. Ah well . . . someday soon . . .

And aren't you a naughty snarkfodder! Though very clever, I never would have thought of doing that!

J M McDermott said...

i'd be wary to post something like this on my blog.

just because a tool is innocent today, does not mean the company maintains their innocence forever.

i am just not techno-savvy enough to know when tech-companies turn to the dark side. i do not follow this stuff.

this tool could be used for great evil, and it seems to sell itself as just great fun.

ORION said...

I do so love to see the countries and cities that my visitors hail from.
Marlin...did someone say Marlin.
We call it Au here in Hawaii.
Eat the sucker raw!

J M McDermott said...

maybe i've been reading too much speculative fiction.

when there's a power outage, i usually do an emp shockwave check to make sure we're not under attack.

no tin foil hats, yet.


still, i'm a "less is more" kind of guy. the fewer bells and whistles to manage, the easier it will be to track the times when walt disney sinks his immortal vampire teeth into some new technology.

you can say it, adrienne. i do sound paranoid. no need to be so polite about it just because you're trying to be a gracious hostess.

Bernita said...

"leather glove smother"
I don't want to know.

adrienne said...

leather . . . glove . . . smother . . .


Lesley Livingston said...

Heh heh.

My recent favourite from my stacounter: "topiary shapes like pants"... uh... Urr??

I also liked: "toronto maple leafs flashing hat"

Other than that, I get quite a few ghostbuster-related search strings, you know - 'staypuft', 'vince glortho' - on account of my recent NY/Ghostbuster fixation...

I've gotten "vorenus" twice now.

Also? Strangely your name seems to come up an awful lot... *grin*


Dawn said...

I hadn't discovered that nifty little "Recent Keyword Activity" search. Now, I'm hooked! Nothing very interesting for me yet - although I can't help but wonder why someone in the UK would search for me by name. I am unknown. A nobody. A tiny lone atom in the blogosphere!

I worry for you, j m mcdermott. I think you should wear your tin hat. You'll feel must better if you do. Now you've got me looking at my nifty little stat counter with suspicion too!

adrienne said...

lesley - and I get a few searches for you too! And Vanna White. And you've got Vorenus twice?! Does John know? And can he introduce me to Anthony?

Dawn - it's crazy addictive. I'm sorry I inroduced you to it. Just wait . . . it'll start to get most interesting!

Linda D. said...


Okay how much of a loser does it make me that I had to get my dh to google me so I could try out the feature?

Therese said...

Here's a new one:

"glass giant making names"


Travis Erwin said...

I am a newbie to the world of blogging, but I too use statcounter. Time will tell what strange searches will come my way, but right now I have almost a dozen visitors from China. Who knows, maybe I'll become to fiction in China what Jerry Lewis is to comedy in France.