Thursday, March 08, 2007

First Truck Stop on the Road to The Daily Show

Some of you may be aware that I have decided to be on The Daily Show. This has something to do with the fact that I think Jon Stewart is totally amazing and very cute. Please check out past posts on the subject here and here.

Anyway, I thought you should probably have a progress report.

I figured in previous posts that the only way I could get onto The Daily Show was to become famous, and so, even though I still believe the only way to become famous is to already be famous, I am working as hard as I can at it.

And I am pleased to say that I am now, a teensy weensy bit famous. Let's have a look at where that register's on the scale. Okay so you can't really see it, but trust me it's there.

Yes folks, I have received the first fan mail associated with my books.

Some of you may recall that I did a reading at an elementary school at which my aunt is a librarian, and that it went really well and we all had a great time.

Well I have since received the most lovely thank you letters from both classes. Evidently I project my voice very well (always good to hear as an actress), I sound enthusiastic, and my book sounds very mysterious. And they all insist they'll buy a copy when it comes out. I intend to check up on them that they do so, and there will be serious consequences if they do not. And don't you dare tell me they are just children, a promise is a promise!

But seriously it was very sweet of them to write the letters. And I am so pleased that they seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves, because I had such an awesome time too. They were a great crowd and I can only hope to have such an attentive audience as classes 7P and 6W from Rosedale Heights (shout out to ya'll!) in the future.

So you see Mr. Stewart, I wasn't joking. It's only now a short step to your show.

A short step made of liquid acid and guarded by eight rabid dogs.

But a short step nonetheless.


s.k.s. perry said...

The liquid acid sounds rough, but I'm sure you can handle a couple of rabbit dogs. I mean...what?

Oh, rabbid.

Never mind.

(Conga Rats on the fan mail!)

ORION said...

I am exceedingly jealous. Fan mail.
I want some.

Heidi the Hick said...

Adrienne, I loved those posts. I started my blog because I had to write some crap down and put it out there without anybody's approval...and also because I was horribly depressed and my husband bought me a powerbook so I'd write again blah blah blah. But most of all I wanted other people to read something I wrote! And like it! And maybe one of Johnny Depp's people would find it and tell him what nice things I say about him. And then, y'know, Oprah would want to see me and the rest would be history.

I really like that photo of Jon Stewart that you posted.

Holly Kennedy said...

Oh, Adrienne, I think Jon Stewart would do well having you the show! You'd be hilarious and entertaining and... hey, why don't you suggest becoming his side-kick, sort of like how David Letterman has the bald guy from Thunderbay (what's his name??) You'd be great at it. :)

adrienne said...

Aw thanks guys! Yes the fan mail is awesome.

Hey Heidi, oprah would be great too, but man, The Daily Show. . . man . . .

Holly, you mean like front his house band? Hmm . . . But he doesn't have a band. Oh I know! How about just me and a tambourine! Maybe in front of a sound system?

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad that MY letter wasn't the first fan mail. So what if it was over PM? I promised to buy the book too! *disgruntled fan noises*


~ Maddy from AW

P.S. But cograts on the letters from the kids! That's so awesome. And in some ways, letters from kids are even better than from adults, because a) your book is for kids (well duh) and b) if kids don't like something, they will just come out and say it. ("Your skirt is ugly." "I don't like this food." "You look wider than you did last time I saw you.") So a compliment from them is a very good sign!