Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Revelation

I have been pondering why I write this thing. I used to assume it was because I was bored at work and needed something to fill the time. But I think that, after consistently checking to see if my readership has gone up and discovering that it hasn't, I have realised that I actually wish people would read my blog. And enjoy it. And their lives would change. And somehow I would become famous.

I don't exactly know why I would become famous. But I think when one writes a blog one is hoping other people will read it. And the more people the better. And if I become known internationally and get to guest star on The Daily Show, well I could put up with that. I mean it could be Oprah too I guess, but I just think Jon Stewart is really cute.

Actually maybe that's why I'm writing this blog. It isn't the boredom, or the fame, or the chance to write something that would really make a difference in someone's life.


It's because Jon Stewart is cute.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow so like now i am completely flabbergasted. first r.h. now mr. stewart---could it be that we are actually finding the same guys cute?! (well 2 in the span of our lifetime but still)
xo, lis
p.s. speaking of guys my young stallion turned out to be a cheating liar (and yes i am saying this publicly, all of your devoted readers deserve to know that garrett was a CAD)--i mean how cliche is that? let's e-mail soon.
yours dissapointedly , lis