Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Vant to Read Your Book

Ladies and gents let us welcome Romania to our list of the conquered!

Yes, my glorious agent has sold my book to this loveliest of countries (my grandmother's father was born there, so it must be sensational), specifically RAO International.

Moreover my plan for world domination is slowly but surely taking firm hold. There is no fighting it my friends, soon the whole of the earth shall be mine! Mine I tell you!

Now back to our regularly scheduled hiatus, and edits.


Lesley Livingston said...

Honestly... it would all be soooo much easier to deal with if Adrienne would stop strutting around with one hand tucked into the front of her shirt and her hat on sideways. Squatting to make herself seem shorter. And somehow Gallic.


Now now... *pat pat pat* there's my mad little world conqueror...

(Good on ya, luvvy!)

adrienne said...

I am a world conqueror I am I am! [pout]

Thank you my lovely Lesley! But really I'm just getting everything ready for your arrival!

S.K.S. Perry said...

When you conquer the world, can I have Hawaii?

Pretty please. *bats eyelashes*

(Shut up, it is so manly.)

Leah J. Utas said...

Your plan for world domination is working very well. Going with Romania is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

HELLO!!! Good to see you still alive and going strong my lovely lady - how the hecky peck are you!!
Looking at those photos you best not loose anymore weight or you shall disappear!!!

I shall expect an email soon retailing me with your excitment and adventure please!!!

When you coming back to england??? And I lost your phone number about a week after you sent it I went to look but it must have been in my junk mail folder as the darn thing had disappeared!!!

Big fat hugs lady lady!!

Sarah xxx
Your beauty - just incase you forgot me!!!

Holly Kennedy said...

Strut away, Adrienne!

All good news should be celebrated by at least a mini-float around one's office and a mile-wide grin.

(Popping up for air from my *groan* horrific writing schedule)...

Lisa Clark said...

well done you, li'l miss fabulous!

adrienne said...

Thank you all! I'm still rather excited about the whole thing.

sks perry - darling I would love to give you Hawaii, however I think my fellow blogger Pat Wood (check out my most recent post) kind of has a hold on that one. I'll see what I can do though!

Sarah! My Beauty! Of course I remember you you fool! And I will email you tonight! xxx

Holly - I am honoured you made a brief appearance here as I know how swamped you are. Thank you!

Lisa and Leah - thank you both! You are both so sweet!