Thursday, December 07, 2006

My path to the Daily Show

Some of you may recall an earlier post of mine that concluded that the reason I wrote this blog was because Jon Stewart was cute. There was a logical reason for this which had to do with the fact that I expected to become hugely famous for this blog and hence interviewed on the Daily Show.

I now have Part 2 of my plan.

I am going to become a very famous children's book author and for some reason, Mr. Stewart will find this impressive and invite me on his show.

Now this is not going to be easy. For one thing it depends a lot on luck. And for another I am slowly learning that in order to be famous, the best and easiest way to become so is to already be famous.

Case in point.

I was sent a questionnaire by the publicity department of my publishers. This was a lot of fun to fill out and served as an excellent procrastination tool from doing my edits. And because I am Canadian I think I offered quite a few excellent suggestions by way of media outlets and contests they might not have otherwise have thought of. But the one section that I just could not fill in was the one where they asked if I had any personal connections with anyone of any standing in the industry, you know, cause it would be really useful if like Oprah was my cousin or something. But she isn't. And I don't think meeting Guy Gavriel Kay once really counts as a connection either. And then I thought about how wonderful it would be to have such connections. And in my head I saw all these doors flying open and it was beautiful. And then I was sad.

(However on the plus side as I am also an actor I have some wonderful headshots that many authors do not normally have at their disposal.)

So that's my point. Fame is a vast mountain I must climb alone (yes that's my point, and don't tell me it isn't because it is! All this time I have been thinking to myself that fame is a vast mountain which I must climb alone okay?!) I will pursue the glory that is the Daily Show, but it will be a struggle. An uphill battle filled with many pitfalls and setbacks, scars and wounds, cold winds and billy goats. But it will be all worth it I know.

Because Jon Stewart's cute.

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