Thursday, December 14, 2006

The last to know

So I have been waiting to announce my American book deal until my agent told me it was safe to do so. La la la, waiting waiting. Hmm . . . maybe I'll google my name, as one does, to pass the time.

It seems, my friends, I've missed my chance to give you guys the scoop as, well, I'm everywhere. Okay so I'm not going to be replacing news on Brangelina any time soon, but it is rather shocking I don't mind saying, when suddenly you find your name circulating all over the internet.

So let me be the last to let you know that I, Adrienne Kress, have indeed signed a deal with The Weinstein Company to publish my book (and sequel). If the name sounds slightly familiar, it's because they are the same Weinsteins who used to run Miramax. They left, and have since just started this new company, which of course involves films as well (that Dixie Chicks documentary - Shut up and Sing, is one of theirs, it's really good). I will be published in their first list with around a dozen other titles. And it's all rather exciting.

I am thoroughly enjoying my fifteen minutes of fame, I don't mind telling you. Even better is that I am written about in websites that I visit with some frequency, being a film buff. My favourite is Empire Online. I am a huge fan of their magazine, when I was living in England I would buy it monthly, and they update their site daily with film news. So check out what they have to say about ME (the link function for some reason, and only for this one, isn't working so cut and paste it into your broswer):

Yes it is slightly cynical, but I really don't mind. One of my favourite things about Empire is how much personality they put into their articles, so it makes me feel super special that they have an opinion about me at all. Besides, they have given me an excellent idea for one of my novels, something really gory involving puppies and tea. That was intended to be a joke just now, but suddenly I am thinking I might actually do it!

However my favourite article online, the one that is the most accurate about me and the book is this one:

That brings me to another topic. How weird is it that already there is misinformation floating about there about me! I think it is so cool. It's like I'm a real celebrity. I mean not that there is anything really untrue about me, just tiny little things that only I would care about and as such I don't feel like I need to point them out here.

So there you go. That's the news. Google my name "Adrienne Kress" if you care to see some of the articles. You'll basically find yourself reading the same three paragraphs over and over, and I guess if you aren't me, you won't find it that exciting. But if you are at work for example, and really bored, why not!

Insane. This is all so insane!!


Frank Baron said...

Congratulations Adrienne. Enjoy the ride. :)

adrienne said...

Why thank you very much! And may I also add how lovely it is to receive a comment that isn't spam!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the filmsite, adrienne and congratulations from the Netherlands. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile I visited your site and love it, also that you are a teacher of children. I organise theaterlessons and my children attend. You're great!

ORION said...

I enjoy your posts on AW.
I too am waiting until my deal posts to talk about it.
It appears we are on a similar journey.
Happy Holidays

Rachel Glover said...

Wow Adrienne... this is really exciting! I visit your website from time to time.. but as you may remember, I am lazy and rather bad at keeping in touch. I just wanted to say congratulations, break a leg... and I'll keep reading (and possibly listening to rumours from the Meaford grapevine). Cheers!

adrienne said...

Thanks everyone for the support!!

Rachel, so amazing to hear from you! What are you up to? Where are you, in Toronto at all? If so we have to meet up!